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Values, Principles & Approach

The future economy should be vibrant and resilient, embracing and leveraging future growth opportunities while being respectful to its economic heritage. The future economy will be diverse and strike a balance between new and old, inspiring investment and jobs from existing and new businesses while protecting the rural lifestyle and quality of life that the community current enjoys.

Values, Principles & Approach

The community identified a vision of ‘Rural Living’ as
part of the Community Strategic Plan 2013, which
has six key characteristics, including:
1. Rural setting and character.
2. Viable agriculture.
3. Community lifestyle.
4. Diverse environment.
5. Heritage.
6. Towns and Villages.

Strategy Aim

Economic Diversity: Encourage growth of non-mining sectors in order to diversify the economy and
align it closer with the Metropolitan region by 2025
More Jobs: Encourage the growth of over 6,800 new
jobs by 2025 to decrease the proportion of resident
workers leaving every day to 50%
More Investment: Encourage more then $100 million
in investment per year until 2025

Strategy Objectives

• Economic Diversity: Ensuring that the economy is diverse will ensure future sustainability and help to create a vibrant economy.
• More Jobs: Creating more local jobs will create opportunities for more residents to work closer to home.
• More Investment: Recruiting new capital investments that will support future jobs growth and diversification.

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