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Values, Principles & Approach

Williams is an independent, growing and vibrant community, achieved by maintaining a balanced and caring approach to its people, economy and environment.

Values, Principles & Approach

Our Values:
Community connectedness and great lifestyle
Friendly people
Ideal location (proximity to regional centres and metropolitan area)
Relevant and well maintained facilities
Recognition of the need to care for the environment in a balanced approach
Effective communication and cooperation

Strategy Aim

To guide Council priority setting and decision making;
To be a mechanism for the ongoing integration of local initiatives;
To inform the decision making of other agencies and organisations, including community and State government;
To provide a rationale and supporting documentation to pursue grants and other resources to demonstrate how specific projects align with the aspirations of the community, and within the strategic direction of the SCP;
To inform potential investors and developers of the community’s key priorities, and the ways in which we want to grow and develop;
To actively engage local businesses, community groups and residents in various ways to contribute to the Shire’s future; and
To provide a framework for monitoring progress against our vision, values and aspirations.

Strategy Objectives

Objective: To support industry and business development through the development of sustainable infrastructure and investment opportunities
Objective: To be a safe and welcoming community where everyone is valued and has the opportunity to contribute and belong.
Objective: To have a balanced respect for our natural assets and built environment, retaining our lifestyle values and community spirit.
Objective: Strong civic leadership representing the whole of the Shire which engages in effective partnerships and reflects the aspirations of an engaged community.

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