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Values, Principles & Approach

Through innovation and growth in a diversity of sustainable industries, the Whitsunday Regional Council area will be a region of choice in which to live, visit, work and invest.

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

Whitsunday Regional Council works in collaboration with its partners in industry, government and the community, to secure a prosperous future that is driven by innovation and investment in strategic projects and industries that will drive regional growth.

Strategy Objectives

A Diverse and World-class Tourism Destination: Take a collaborative and co-ordinated approach to promotion and development to expand the Whitsunday Region’s tourism offer with a depth and diversity of attractions and facilities and grow the market for coastal and land-based experiences that are unique to the region.
A Sustainable and Profitable Farming Region: Capitalise on the Whitsunday Region’s strengths and opportunities in sugar production, beef cattle, horticulture and aquaculture to value-add and meet demand from existing and new markets in Australia and overseas.
An Environmentally-Sustainable Region Supported by Climate-Adapted Industries: Support a healthy and liveable natural environment for everyone in the Whitsunday Region to enjoy by providing means to encourage and support climate-adapted industries as key contributors to the region’s economic development.
A Globally-connected and Dynamic Region of Choice for Investment: Establish and continually promote the Whitsunday Region as a globally connected region of choice for investment, supported by ‘best-in-class’ strategic infrastructure including transport, communications, water and energy.
A Skilled Workforce and Prosperous Small Business Sector: Collaborate with industry, the education and training sector and other tiers of government to enhance the Whitsunday Region’s skills base and to support innovative, productive and prosperous small businesses throughout the region.
A Region of Vibrant Towns and Centres: Support the sustainable development of the Whitsunday Region’s towns and activity centres by providing all communities with vibrant and prosperous places to access employment, retail goods and services and essential community services and facilities.

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