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Values, Principles & Approach

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Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

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Strategy Objectives

1: Efficient transport connectivity in and around our Shire
1.1 Continue to utilise our Road Management Plan, which incorporates a road hierarchy, minimum service levels and maintenance policy
1.2 RAV Ratings and Shire boundaries are consistent across local government boundaries
1.3 Lobby and build enduring partnerships with key Government Departments to improve Great Eastern Hwy
1.4 Actively participate in the Secondary Freight Network group
1.5 Develop and implement a Road Asset Plan highlighting key funders, and strategic partnerships to support sustainability
1.6 Develop a Gravel Reserve Policy which identifies future gravel reserves and recognises cost to local government
1.7 Educate road users about road safety and driving on gravel roads
1.8 Optimal and safe use of our plants and equipment assets
1.9 Ensure that appropriate RAV vehicles traverse correct RAV routes
1.10 Maintain our airport with a view to improvements to meet commercial and recreational aviation needs

2. Facilitate local business retention and growth
2.1 Council recognises the opportunity of partnering with Westonia Progress Association, works closely and supports them to help achieve their economic development projects and our strategic goals
2.2 Council continue to have a role in facilitating the presence of a Co-op in our community
2.3 Enhance local economic activity by supporting the growth of tourism in our Shire and region including applying for funding to improve tourist facilities
2.4 Improve our online tourism presence
2.5 We forward plan to improve the economic diversity in our community
2.6 In partnership with Council, the mine develops long term business plans for current mine assets
2.7 Investigate options for multipurpose accommodation if vacancies arise in mine accommodation

3: Plan for community growth and changing demographics
3.1 Develop the Town Planning Scheme
3.2 Plan and develop residential and industrial land
3.4 Community safety and ease of access around town is a priority
3.5 Our lifestyle, facilities and sense of community is promoted
3.6 The CEACA project continues to expand the number of universally designed dwellings in our town
3.7 We support our emergency services
3.8 We enable visiting health professionals to our community
3.9 The Community Resource Centre receives external funding to provide preventative health and community development initiatives to the community
3.10 We facilitate healthy and active ageing in place
3.11 Our cemetery is well presented

4: Our community has the opportunity to be active, socialised and connected
4.1 We collaborate and encourage active engagement in local clubs and community initiatives that support a healthy lifestyle
4.2 Investigate motor sport opportunities around the Shire
4.3 Preserve and celebrate our local history
4.4 Support our volunteers and clubs to remain strong, dynamic and inclusive
4.5 Encourage life long learning
4.6 Children and youth have active and social opportunities
4.7 Continue to provide high standard and accessible shire facilities
4.8 Retain and expand Westonia’s unique tourism experience

5: Natural spaces are preserved and bring us value
5.1 Sustainably manage our reserves and open spaces
5.2 Participate in best practice waste management
5.3 Work collaboratively to meet legislative compliance with managing weeds and pests as well as our environmental health standards
5.4 Investigate renewable energy generation technologies

6: Be progressive and capture opportunities
6.1 Be open to local productivity/ best practice and cost saving opportunities locally and regionally
6.2 Investigate joint resourcing and tendering
6.3 Advocate and develop strong partnerships to benefit our community
6.4 Be prepared by forward planning our resources and focusing on continuous improvement
6.5 Identify risks and opportunities after the life of the mine

7: The community receives services in a timely manner
7.1 Meet our legislative and compliance requirements
7.2 Work towards optimal management of our assets
7.3 Work to develop Councillor and staff skills and experience to provide career and succession opportunities within the Shire
7.4 Inside and outside staff are multi skilled to understand the business of local government and provide a seamless service to the community
7.5 Communicate and engage with our community regularly

8: Financial resources meet the ongoing needs of the community
8.1 Seek external funding for significant capital improvements that deliver upon our strategic objectives
8.2 Investigate ways to reduce reliance on operational grants given the current State and Federal Government priorities

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