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Values, Principles & Approach

Our vision is that by 2020, the City of Warrnambool will be acknowledged across our nation as a progressive and vibrant regional city.

The coastal regional city of Warrnambool will continue to serve as the dominant settlement and service centre for the Great South Coast region. By 2020, Warrnambool businesses will feel engaged, supported, and encouraged to grow. New businesses and industries are attracted to Warrnambool because of its strategic location, skilled and growing workforce and high quality infrastructure. Public and private investment has continued around the City, with clear and consistent Council strategies, policies and plans in place to give a level of certainty for investors and developers. Warrnambool will continue growing its population and attracting new and improved services to the Great South Coast region. Warrnambool’s growth will offer economic and social spill-over benefits for the wider region, including the attraction of new or higher order services and facilities. The $30 million Integrated Cancer Care Centre development will be completed and servicing a large catchment across South West Victoria. Funding for the $100 million Stage 2 Warrnambool Hospital development will be secured with construction under way. Our City Centre will have benefited from significant private and public investment, generating renewed interest and increased activity as the premier regional centre of the Great South Coast.

Warrnambool City Council will have continued to play a strong and proactive facilitation role in suitable investment proposals within our key economic precincts, including but not limited to, our City’s second general industry hub Gateway Business Park, and the new Aviation Park at Warrnambool Regional Airport. At long last, additional rail services to and from Melbourne will be operating. The Princes Highway duplication from Waurn Ponds to Colac will be complete, together with additional passing lanes west of Colac through to Warrnambool. We envisage that both Deakin University Warrnambool Campus and South West TAFE will have increased student numbers off the back of industry relevant course offerings – further consolidating the presence and profile of higher and further education in our City. A growing concentration of international students will reside in Warrnambool whilst studying at our City’s University or South West TAFE. Deakin University’s Medical School will continue to go from strength to strength, with some graduates choosing to call Warrnambool home. New Residential Growth Areas will continue to expand and form active new communities, driven by steady population growth and the availability of jobs. High speed broadband will be readily available across our City driving innovation and challenging traditional models of doing business.

Warrnambool will increasingly be known as a Centre of Excellence in food processing benefiting from our surrounding agricultural sector that plays such a vital economic role in our broader region. Our largest private sector employer Midfield Group will continue to be headquartered in Warrnambool and will employ many thousands of residents (directly and indirectly) in our City. Warrnambool’s labour force will have continued to grow and will have addressed areas of skills shortages becoming a drawcard for attracting new and existing industry growth to the area. Significant investment in tourism infrastructure and promotion of our City as a destination will trigger material growth in our visitation numbers. Existing and new major events will keep our City vibrant throughout the year. Warrnambool will have a long awaited new library deserving of our progressive regional city and the large regional catchment it serves. Our City’s education attainment rates will be on the rise, and youth unemployment rates on the decline, courtesy of intensive engagement and integration across all levels of our Education sector, business community, and other stakeholders. Warrnambool will continue to offer residents the strength of a dynamic regional city while still maintaining relative affordability in housing, accessible childcare, and a high standard, safe living environment compared to Australia’s metropolitan cities. By 2020 Warrnambool’s economy will be further diversified and thriving, evidenced by continued growth in Gross Regional Product, labour force numbers, relative low unemployment rates, and higher than present workforce participation levels compared to other Victorian regional cities.

Values, Principles & Approach

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To provide direction and promotion of the many initiatives considered most necessary to ensure continued growth and prosperity of our local economy.

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