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Values, Principles & Approach

Encourage community growth and development and contribute to the efficient and effective management of the environment, community and economy for present and future generations.

Values, Principles & Approach

Four principles:
1. Empower: Sustained rural economic development has to be driven at the grassroots level. Our role together is to empower, connect and create a positive environment for rural businesses and communities to be successful.
2. Local: Actions need to recognise the unique needs and characteristics of different locations of the shire and should be coordinated at the community level to exponentially increase results.
3. Collaborate: Actions must be based on cooperation and partnership among communities, regions, non-profit organisations and across all levels of government.
4. Experience: Take advantage of existing knowledge and experience to maximise effective delivery of services to our community.

Strategy Aim

Our Strategy Focus
-Business Attraction and Promotion
-Population Growth
-Education and Employment Opportunities
-Development of Digital & Communication Facilities

Strategy Objectives

Business Objectives:
Retain and enhance existing businesses
Form a network of Business Assoc. Shire wide.
Promote available grants to encourage businesses
Conduct a survey to understand business needs and wants.
Assist rural businesses in capitalizing on opportunities in new expanding markets
Strengthen and encourage connections among networks for small businesses
Encourage investment in new business
Develop an educational campaign that encourages businesses to refer customers in town to other businesses in the Shire to keep the money circulating locally
Identify growth industries for the Shire
Promote residential attractiveness to potential new investors
Facilitate businesses to link in with grants programs
Investigate opportunity for growth in tourism accommodation properties
Investigate opportunity for growth in retirement residences
Review current council assets in view of possible divestment and investment into future community needs
Monitor opportunities for new business funding in the Shire
Investigate possible “Road Hub” and inter- modal terminal including possible storage/warehousing opportunities
Promote liveability and a peaceful country lifestyle to Retirees & Families
Carry out a promotional media campaign
Identify gaps and develop an investment prospectus
Develop an investment prospectus including planning & development opportunities
Communicate planning and development opportunities
Promote the investment prospectus
Ensure competitiveness for development costs
Develop an external Shire promotion program
Monitor and Promote Rural Relocation Incentives
Promote the Regional Relocation Grants Act provides for payments to approved applicants who relocate from metropolitan areas of New South Wales to regional areas of New South Wales for the purpose of employment or self-employment

Tourism Objectives
Town beautification
Village main street beautification strategy
Re-brand the shire for subsequent promotion
Ensure promotion and media campaign about the shire is up to date
Work closely with Media Officer to ensure any developments in business or our shires economic success are clearly promoted
Build a competitive presentation package for the Shire
Green Shire - Encourage community support and opportunities for establishing a clean green Shire
Goulburn-Mulwaree/Crookwell Rail Trail
Work collaboratively with the ULTA to facilitate this attractive tourism and economic opportunity
Education and Employment Objectives:
Education and employment opportunities for local young people
Focus for local young people to stay locally and return after study
Encourage involvement of local employers in career talks to promote local opportunities
Encourage development of regional and rural focussed TAFE and University courses that encourage more young people to look at future options in the Shire.
Build on Council’s role in Youth Week and other events that assist in building networks for youth employment, needs and issues
Form a partnership approach to provide critical mass to encourage linkages with educational institutions and employers that can improve options for young people.
Consider tertiary research opportunities for industries in the Shire to build industry capability
Digital & Communication Objectives:
Work with the Canberra Region Joint Organisations to develop an interconnected rural digital strategy
Attract funding from State and Federal Government to ensure our Shire is able to conduct business digitally
Lobby for the establishment of high speed fibre broadband throughout the Shire
Lobby for the expansion of mobile phone coverage to eliminate “black spots” in the Shire
Continue to push for free to air TV/Radio coverage throughout the Shire

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