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Values, Principles & Approach

TOODYAY – THE AVON’S LIFESTYLE ECONOMY: Toodyay is recognised nationally as an attractive, high amenity and aspirational residential and business location within the Wheatbelt and regional Western Australia. It has a dynamic, integrated lifestyle-based economy that generates high income, knowledge intensive service sector jobs for residents. Older residents, attracted to Toodyay by its quality lifestyle and natural environment, remain active in the workforce and the community, drawing upon state-of-the art technologies and innovative business practices to transition into retirement. These residents are supported by quality local health services, tailored housing product and experiential services in retail, food, sport and recreation. Toodyay is regarded as a premier peri-urban destination by domestic and international tourists alike, fully integrated within the broader Avon and Wheatbelt tourist markets. Toodyay offers a diverse range of quality natural, historical, adventure and experiential attractions to visitors, who use Toodyay as a base to explore the broader region.

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

 increase the flow of money into the region
 improving the efficiency of existing businesses
 improve the recirculation of finance and resources within the region

Strategy Objectives

 Employment generation and self-sufficiency;
 Income and wealth growth;
 Regional, State and International competitiveness;
 Economic and industry diversity;
 Maintenance of cost of living and affordability;
 Enhancement of quality of life of residents;
 Sustainability of economic growth within the natural environment;
 Development of the skills of local workers and residents;
 Profitability and commercial viability of local businesses and industry; and
 Maximising exports.

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