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Values, Principles & Approach

As a thriving regional centre, Tamworth embraces its lifestyle, fosters its competitive advantages, and works in unison with a “make it happen” spirit.

Values, Principles & Approach

Economic growth for the region is dependent on strong foundations in:
1. Collaboration and Partnerships
2. Education and Skills Development
3. Incentives, Assistance and Lower Costs
4. Technology and Innovation
5. Quality of Community Living

Strategy Aim

To aid business leaders that aspire to be leaders and innovators in their industry, for partners to collaborate and harness new opportunities and to share knowledge to enable global competitiveness.

Strategy Objectives

POPULATION GROWTH - Achieving population growth above current benchmarks and projections.
LABOUR FORCE CAPACITY - Individuals are skilled in new areas and industries to assist in broader capability development of the labour force.
ECONOMIC DIVERSITY - A diverse economy with a focus on industry with strong flow on effects.
CULTURAL ACTIVITY - A highly sought after region of choice, attracting highly skilled residents and industry from outside the region to create new ideas, new technology, and new creative content.
INNOVATION - Regional centre of innovation, Research and Development and commercialisation.
INFRASTRUCTURE - Key strategic infrastructure is strategically planned for and delivered ahead of time.
COLLABORATION & PARTNERSHIPS - Leading with shared strategic vision.
REGIONAL PROFILE - Identified and recognised as a region of choice. ‘Make it happen’ is a key philosophy behind driving outcomes for the region.

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