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Values, Principles & Approach

Sydney is a globally competitive and innovative city, the premier place in Australia to live, work and visit. The city is renowned for its creativity and productivity, with an economy that is robust, resilient and dynamic.

Values, Principles & Approach

–Aboriginal employment and enterprise;
–Small business and entrepreneurs;
–Knowledge and innovation;
–Connections with Asia.
The Economic Development Strategy takes an integrated approach, on the understanding that the city economy is influenced by a range of factors such as liveability and amenity; access to affordable housing for key workers and childcare for parents; a diverse and well educated community as well as those more commonly associated with the economy such as market access, sector specialisation, innovation and productivity

Strategy Aim

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Strategy Objectives

1. Delivering programs and services for the benefit of groups of businesses in priority industry and economic sectors;
2. Direct investment in infrastructure, assets, services, events and activity to improve the amenity, liveability and functioning of the City;
3. Effective planning to ensure the City’s planning controls reinforce the role of the city as a primary centre for Metropolitan Sydney, and the preferred location for business, education, cultural and tourist activities;
4. Marketing and promotion to encourage investment, increased visitation, and business opportunities;
5. Reducing regulatory barriers to make it easier and more efficient to do business;
6. Supporting others though grants and sponsorships designed to catalyse activity, to assist organisations and individuals in delivering initiatives in their area and secure and support major events;
7. Leading by example to ensure that the City takes a leadership position in economic development initiatives through its own operations;
8. Encouraging partnerships and collaboration across all levels of government, with the private and non-government sectors to achieve common goals; and
9. Advocating for change, particularly where actions are the remit of other levels of government.

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