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Values, Principles & Approach

Under ‘Economic Growth’, Council’s vision is to '… encourage new business development, provide support for business expansion and will continuously seek to help our existing businesses to prosper'.

Values, Principles & Approach

Key strategic priority areas:
 Economic Growth
 Community Enrichment
 Infrastructure
 Governance and Leadership
 Environment

Strategy Aim

To facilitate and enhance the region’s economy now and for the foreseeable future by making Swan Hill region
…a vibrant place for business growth and development
…a vibrant place to live and invest
…a vibrant place to visit and play

Strategy Objectives

• Rezone key parcels of land within the Swan Hill Riverfront precinct
• Undertake high level strategic planning to attract and facilitate potential development
• Implement the Swan Hill Region Rural Land Use Strategy

• Work collectively with internal Council departments to achieve common goals and objectives
• Develop healthy relationships with neighbouring LGAs, as well as regional and State Government officials to improve local economic outcomes
• Work with community groups to enhance the liveability of our many townships
• Collaborate with industry and key stakeholders to identify and support developments

• Attract and facilitate potential development opportunities, especially in priority focus areas such as housing, value adding production and renewable energy
• Local business growth and future development initiatives

• Develop of rural townships via Council’s Community Planning process
• Seek external funding opportunities with relevant authorities including State and Federal governments
• Continue a vibrant arts and cultural environment throughout the municipality
• Preserve and expand essential services such as health, education and communication services

• Act as strong regional advocate to other levels of government
• Facilitate joint projects with key stakeholders, including industry, business and community groups

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