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Values, Principles & Approach

In 2033, the Sunshine Coast is a prosperous, high-value economy of choice for business, investment and employment – while offering an enviable lifestyle and environment.

Values, Principles & Approach

Leadership, Collaboration and Identity
Capital Investment
High-Value Industries
Local-to-Global Connections
Investment in Talent and Skills

The New Economy will be built on:
• strong leadership embracing collaboration, agility and a determination to succeed
• the essential infrastructure to support growth and competitiveness
• investment in high-value industries that generate enduring employment
• a focus beyond the Sunshine Coast’s boundaries to these domestic and global markets where the region has a clear competitive advantage
• the talent and skills of its workforce and the contribution of community members.

Strategy Aim

A $33 billion economy
High-value industries provide at least 100,000 employment opportunities
20% of goods and services produced for export outside the region
Household income levels above the State average

Strategy Objectives

The vision for the New Economy will be achieved:

By expanding the core

The Sunshine Coast will strengthen and extend the traditional construction, retail and tourism industries by securing the region’s infrastructure priorities and signifi cantly enhancing the region’s attractiveness to investors – existing, new and home-grown. While small business will remain at the core of the economy, the region will attract a greater number of larger organisations - enhancing career opportunities for residents no matter where they live in the region and strengthening the foundations of the economy. The region will place a high value on entrepreneurship, talent and creativity, technology and innovative business practice. Increased access to worthwhile education and employment opportunities will be realised.

By seizing new opportunities

The Sunshine Coast will exploit opportunities to secure investment to build high-value industries - health and well-being; education and research; knowledge industries and professional services; tourism, sport and leisure; agribusiness; aviation and aerospace; and clean technologies. The region will take full advantage of an expanded tertiary education sector, the opportunities provided by access to broadband and digital technologies, its proximity to Brisbane and export facilities and the accessibility of its own international airport. The region will embrace opportunities which increase the wealth of the region and its residents and will have capitalised on both traditional and innovative investment solutions to deliver infrastructure of regional signifi cance.

By changing the game

The Sunshine Coast will have an expanded outlook and position business, industry and its residents as part of a global community. The region will be recognised widely - not only for its natural beauty - but also as one of Australia’s most successful investment locations and its ability to harness new ideas and technologies to generate new opportunities. The region’s success will be based on its responsiveness to national and global markets - to strengthen the tourism, retail and construction industries and grow new opportunities in areas including education and research, combatting preventable illness, niche food production, and clean technologies. The New Economy will be less reliant on local consumption and generate wealth through export, high-value industries and new investment. The region’s infrastructure will support both its participation in the global economy and the needs of the local community.

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