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Values, Principles & Approach

A local economy delivering growth in population, investment, jobs and prosperity.

Values, Principles & Approach


Strategy Aim

1: Rural Industry (Food, Wine and Equine) - Goal: Ensure a strong agricultural sector whilst strengthening and leveraging off the Shire’s growing reputation as a key player in the equine industries and its increasing recognition as a wine region.
2: Infrastructure and Planning - Goal: Ensure the Shire’s infrastructure enhances productivity, efficiency of movement and service delivery, and facilitates whole-of-Council planning objectives.
3: Population Growth - Goal: Ensure consistent population growth, supporting and supported by job growth in the health and human services sectors and across the broader local economy.
4: Small Business and Tourism - Goal: Ensure the small business and tourism sectors are innovative and well networked, leading to consistent growth in consumer and visitor numbers.

Strategy Objectives

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