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Values, Principles & Approach

Stonnington will maintain and grow its status as a premier inner-city location to live, work and visit. The City's renowned activity centres will be known and promoted for their liveability, innovative business community and destinations for shopping, hospitality, entertainment, and culture.

Values, Principles & Approach

Economic research and analysis: Detailed analysis of the key macro-economic trends impacting Stonnington, a local economic and business profile and review of relevant policy and strategy.
» workshop with Council staff
» roundtable with key business owners
» small business and entrepreneur workshop
» meetings with traders and business associations, and
» online business survey (results provided in the discussion paper).
Discussion paper: Summarising the key trends and considerations that will influence economic development in Stonnington over the next four years.
Strategy: Objectives and actions to address issues and emerging opportunities impacting Stonnington’s economy and business community.

Strategy Aim

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Strategy Objectives

1. Increase employment and provide opportunities for the growing residential population to work locally.
2. Provide effective engagement and support to businesses in Stonnington to allow them to grow, expand and prosper.
3. Promote Stonnington’s activity centres as premier retail and visitor destinations that are welcoming to locals and visitors alike and are developed according to their unique character and function.
4. Attract new businesses that are matched to the needs of the local community, including health and wellbeing, business services and quality retail and hospitality.
5. Leverage Stonnington’s strategic location, lively activity centres and liveability to attract investment from innovative businesses and entrepreneurs in high value growth industries such as IT, design and creative arts.

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