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Values, Principles & Approach

The Southern Midlands aspires to be a region that celebrates and benefits from agriculture, heritage and tourism, its spaciousness and central location, and that supports business growth and welcomes investment that strengthens and/or diversifies the local economy. The Southern Midlands aspires to sustain and grow its population by offering attractive lifestyle opportunities and supporting community services & facilities. The Southern Midlands will continue to support its agricultural base, and maximise the benefits of the roll-out of the Midlands Irrigation Scheme by supporting investment, job creation and facilitating/accommodating where possible downstream processing, services suppliers and distribution industries. The Southern Midlands will continue to support and diversify its economic base by building on the specific strengths and opportunities. The Southern Midlands will continue to collect, restore and interpret its heritage as a source for cultural& local identity, tourism development, archaeological collections, construction and restoration skills and education for future generations. The Southern Midlands will invest in and advocate for optimal services and infrastructure provisions for roads, power, gas, broadband internet, water, community, health, education, arts and recreation. The Southern Midlands will be an attractive region to live by enabling and facilitating a range of lifestyle opportunities for its existing and future population.

Values, Principles & Approach

Economic development planning principles
Good economic development opportunities:
1. Make use of existing strengths and resources
2. Create benefits that outweigh the costs, without imposing unfair adverse impacts on others
3. Have community and stakeholder support
4. Are do-able and achievable, so that:
- Council has the capacity to deliver
- The relative cost to Council is acceptable
5. Promote economic growth by creating/protecting jobs, population growth and private investment
6. Generate the least possible regulation

Strategy Aim

The aim of this consultancy is to develop the Midlands Economic Development and Land Use Strategy (MEDaLS). The aim of MEDaLS is to:
 set out a coordinated approach to the future economic development of the municipality
 provide a range of practical and achievable initiatives for Council to pursue
 consider current and future opportunities, internal & external forces and partnerships
 consider land use aspects of initiatives to inform the content of the new planning scheme and future iterations.

Strategy Objectives

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