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Values, Principles & Approach

The Snowy Valleys will be a thriving, inclusive, connected and dynamic economy with an enviable lifestyle underpinned by quality infrastructure and services and employment in a diversity of innovative and sustainable local industries.

Values, Principles & Approach

Theme 1: Support Economic Development through Improvements to the Snowy Valleys’ Essential Infrastructure
Theme 2: Support the Snowy Valleys as a Region of Choice for Investment, Learning and Living
Theme 3: Support the Growth of the Snowy Valleys’ Agriculture, Forestry & Timber Product Processing Sectors
Theme 4: Support the Development of a Strong and Sustainable Tourism Sector in the Snowy Valleys

Strategy Aim

Preparing for Prosperity: Snowy Valleys Council’s Economic Development Mission Statement Building on our strengths in a diversity of traditional and emerging industries, we will prepare for future prosperity through sound planning and informed action to support sustainable economic activity and employment.

Strategy Objectives

1. Prioritises initiatives that support innovation and development of the region’s key sectors in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, agribusiness, education, health and well being and tourism, with an emphasis on new opportunities in value-added economic activities which target existing, new and emerging markets.
2. Prioritises activities that support the growth of ‘knowledge-intensive’ economic activities in education, health and well being, horticulture, timber, agribusiness and knowledge-based business services.
3. Pro-actively engages with the Snowy Valleys Council region’s micro, small-to-medium and large businesses to address shared challenges and opportunities for business investment, innovation, growth and development.
4. Promotes Adelong, Batlow, Khancoban, Talbingo, Tumbarumba and Tumut to prospective visitors, residents and investors, using a strategic, informed and targeted approach consistent with the vision for the region’s economic development.
5. Undertakes a partnership approach to economic development, working in collaboration with other tiers of government, key institutions and industry to help build on the region’s strengths to promote prosperity.

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