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Values, Principles & Approach

Connecting its communities and growing its strengths in tourism, energy generation, farming, forestry and manufacturing

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

1. Develop the Region’s year-round tourism offering and accessibility from major markets
2. Cultivate the Region’s ‘Engines of Growth’ specialisations in agriculture, forestry and wood products
3. Promote skills acquisition and industrial land development to strengthen the Region’s employment base
4. Grow the population to deepen the Region’s internal markets for goods, services and labour.

Strategy Objectives

• Develop and implement a region wide Year-Round Tourism Strategy:
• Mountain Bike and Iconic Walking Trails
• Lake Eucumbene and Lake Jindabyne mountain biking trails
• Rail trails on the disused rail corridor
• Heritage, cultural and agri-tourism.
• Work with National Parks and Wildlife Service to investigate opportunities to sustainably utilise the national parks.
• Support revision of the ski resorts Head Lease arrangements to promote growth in year-round tourism.
• Investigate recreational fishing and adventure sports tourism opportunities.
• Further develop the Bundian Way walking track concept.
• Increase awareness and recognition of the Region’s indigenous cultural heritage, and provide greater access to indigenous art, cultural and business opportunities.
• Investigate opportunities to grow the day-trip/short-stay market of Canberra and the South Coast.
• Engage with airlines to identify opportunities to improve passenger services at both Cooma and Jindabyne Airports.
• Undertake a feasibility study into re-establishing rail connections to capital city markets.
• In collaboration with the private sector audit digital connectivity blackspots, and support the development of improved and new telecommunication facilities where this assist business expansion.
• Undertake a Regional Freight and Traffic Study.
• Develop project proposals for:
• Monaro Highway Improvements
• Kosciuszko Road Improvements
• Parsonage Creek Bridge Upgrade
• Delegate Road Improvements
• Polo Flat Road Upgrade
• Bobeyan Road
• Black Lake Road Bombala
• Imlay Road Upgrade
• Springfield Road Upgrade
• Review freight pinch points and develop a catalogue of investment priorities for local roads.
• Work with the NSW government to alleviate congestion issues between Jindabyne and the major ski resorts.
• Foster and sustain close relationships with Canberra Airport and the Port of Eden.
• Undertake a feasibility study to investigate the potential use of rail to connect producers to the Port of Eden and Canberra Airport.
• Develop a business case for upgrading Cooma’s Saleyard.
• Work with Ausindustry and NSW Department of Industry to improve trade connectors for producers in the region.
• Investigate the potential impacts of climate variability on local industry
• Develop an action plan to encourage as many Snowy 2.0 contractors, subcontractors and workers to locate in the Region where possible.
• Conduct a planning review into the regions industrial and employment lands to determine future demand, potential locations and any necessary changes to land use planning controls.
• Develop business cases for industrial precincts at Polo Flat and Bombala.
• Advocate for a Primary and Innovative Community Centre with the Country Universities Centre.
• Align youth skills development and ongoing training courses to local industry needs.
• Provide opportunities for industry to upskilling in climate variability adaptation techniques.
• Work with small business to take advantage of growing tourism and the opportunities presented by Snowy 2.0 to encourage growth and productivity.
• Continued support and promotion of Snowy Monaro Business Awards
• Review and complete Snowy Monaro land use planning strategies.
• Undertake a review of housing supply opportunities and enablers study for each of the major centres, including necessary enabling infrastructure upgrades.
• Undertake a scoping study of innovative solutions for the delivery of short-term worker accommodation for the winter season.
• Review and assess water treatment and sewerage system capacity across Snowy Monaro.
• Develop and implement a Bombala Activation Plan.
• Collaborate with NSW Health to prepare a Road Map to address regional health care service delivery gaps.
• Undertake a gap analysis of key community infrastructure and services in each of the three major centres of the Region.
• Progress new bus and coach service improvements for the Region to improve connectivity between centres.
• Develop a cultural development strategy aimed at uniting the Region.

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