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Values, Principles & Approach

By 2023, Serpentine Jarrahdale will be the economic hotspot of The Peel Region, a premier location of diverse and innovative industries that supports entrepreneurial leaders and investors as well as a dynamic, skilled and fast growing workforce. Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale will become the regional leader of employment growth and diversity.

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

To provide a road map for that journey, by outlining possible new industries that could be developed to suit our needs. It also explains how we can leverage existing industries to better provide for our community and align with our core values. And, perhaps more importantly, it suggests a way forward to navigate the challenges we face while keeping an eye on the opportunities that are on the horizon. In this way, we can look forward to tomorrow – together.

Strategy Objectives

• Investment: attract a wide range of public and private sector investment to diversify and grow the local economy.
• Jobs: support and facilitate new business growth and deliver more employment opportunities, valuable local employment opportunities, delivering an additional 6,500 new jobs by 2023 and a total of 13,000 new jobs by 2029.
• Productivity and Competitiveness: assist local businesses to increase productivity and improve competitiveness through a range of programs and partnerships, adding $60 million to the economy by 2029.
• Connected economy: ensure that the local business community has access to all required digital, transport and supporting infrastructure to effectively compete in the modern economy.

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