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Values, Principles & Approach

The gateway arterials to central Adelaide from the north will be attractive tree-lined commercial investment corridors. They will contain sectoral activity hubs where similar businesses and people will gather, clustered around key anchor uses such as major corporate offices, retail centres, health and aged care centres, innovation and learning centres and modern multi-brand vehicle dealerships. Cafés, restaurants, recreation outlets and local parks service the hubs, providing daily meeting places for the local community and visitors to share and collaborate at work and leisure. These hubs will have well defined access, high local connectivity, affordable parking; high speed digital connection, attractive public spaces and modern footpaths, lighting, signage and road pavements. As traffic conditions on the roads change, residential development will enable local populations to grow.

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

Specific aims of this Strategy are to:
A. Understand and address the reasons why investment has not occurred on Main North Road and North East Road to the same extent as on Prospect Road, Walkerville Terrace and Churchill Road, despite a positive change in development zone policy and encouragement from Council.
B. Recommend a staged program of area specific actions for Council, to increase the likelihood of attracting more private sector investment on the inner suburban arterial roads identifying drivers for development, target sectors, likely land use mixes and forms of public investment.
C. Provide written content for a ‘reasons to invest’ promotional document for attracting investment to Main North Road at Prospect and Medindie; and North East Road at Walkerville and Collinswood.
D. Summarise research and case studies, providing supporting documentation, including consultation with industry, relationship to Council plans and alignment with the strategic directions of Council and the State.
The underlying aim is to collaboratively increase the economic base of the councils, making them more sustainable in the longer term, providing more local jobs in the future and thus enabling local service provision levels to be maintained and improved.

Strategy Objectives

Focusing on private sector action with specific clusters and anchor uses in the investment corridors.
Early action involving engagement with owners, businesses and investment groups to ensure they understand both the opportunities and the strategy for investment supported by the Walkerville and Prospect councils.
Development of a promotional document, marketing campaigns and events to articulate the benefits and competitive advantages of investing in Main North Road and North East Road to potential local, national and international targeted interests.
The development of Concept Plans and budget allocation for public realm improvements, with an aim to focus on one project per year from the Priority Areas, demonstrating the willingness of Councils to assist change and transformation within the identified Investment Corridors.
A rapid development advisory service demonstrating Council’s preparedness to prioritise this area for development.
Investigation of a potential partnership with Renew Adelaide and state agencies to assist with improving property occupancy rates on these corridors. This program can work alongside the Councils’ ongoing support of incubator and export businesses, encouraging start-up and entrepreneur companies to stay within the local area.

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