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Values, Principles & Approach

The North Sydney CBD will retake its place as one of Metropolitan Sydney’s preeminent centres by providing quality floorspace at competitive rents. The metro station will offer a key focal point for a vibrant city centre which forms an eclectic mix of retail, entertainment and commercial uses.

Values, Principles & Approach

A vision for the North Sydney local government area’s employment and retail centres;
A set of themes derived from the analysis undertaken, which help to frame the key objectives and strategic responses;
A combination of planning and economic development strategies including those which focus on strategic land use, built form and zoning, as well as policy actions and initiatives;
An implementation action plan for North Sydney to implement the key objectives.

Strategy Aim

To provide:
An overarching vision which encompasses the breadth of Council’s intent to improve economic outcomes in the municipality;
A set of thematic objectives that focus Council’s efforts in particular topic areas which have been identified through the analytical work in Stage 1;
An extensive list of strategies and actions for Council to pursue;
A clear articulation of Council’s role under the three horizons model to ensure the implementation program is lucid and well-focused.

Strategy Objectives

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