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Values, Principles & Approach

A dynamic and resilient economy for generations to come.

Values, Principles & Approach

1. Industry Diversification Priority Sectors
» Health and wellness
» Digital economy
» Rural enterprise
» Environmental industries
» Education and training
» Tourism
» Creative industries
» Professional services
2. Effective Land Use Planning
3. Enterprise Support
4. Essential Infrastructure
5. Skilled & Connected Businesses
6. Implementation, Monitoring & Reporting

Strategy Aim

To broaden the economic structure of the local economy by achieving growth in ‘smart’ industry sectors that offer high economic value and low environmental impact. Particularly those that export outside of the Shire and align with our environmental and social values.

Strategy Objectives

Encouraging business growth in industry sectors that have low environmental impact and high economic value;
Leveraging and enhancing Noosa’s brand;
Recognising and supporting sustainable tourism as an ongoing key economic driver;
Recognising education as a key feature of knowledge economies;
Focusing on Council’s regulatory role (for example the planning scheme) that enables business development in industry sectors of competitive advantage and opportunity;
Encouraging a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation within the Noosa community;
Advocating on behalf of the community;
Supporting specific strategies focused on developing priority industry sectors:
» health and wellness
» digital economy
» rural enterprise
» environmental industries
» education and training
» tourism
» professional services
» creative industries.

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