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Values, Principles & Approach

The Narromine Shire will be a key hub in regional NSW with sustainable growth and investment in a local economy increasingly structured around innovative, highly skilled, and service oriented businesses.

Values, Principles & Approach

The four overarching goals were:
• Vibrant Communities
• Growing Our Economy
• Protecting and Enhancing Our Environment
• Proactive Leadership
The five priorities of the Strategy are to:
1. Strengthen foundations to create an environment that supports economic development
2. Invest in education
3. Encourage participation and improve access to skills development and jobs
4. Support the growth of Indigenous business and entrepreneurship
5. Assist individuals and communities to achieve financial security and independence by increasing their ability to identify, build and make the most of economic assets

Strategy Aim

To bring together information on economic strengths, needs and opportunities in an action plan that supports a cohesive and prosperous business environment for all areas of the Narromine Shire.

Strategy Objectives

Complement and interact with other Council strategic planning documents, notably the Community Strategic Plan and the Local Environmental Plan (LEP);
Recognise the importance of community development for the Shire;
Ensure that economic development builds upon and supports the values and attributes that make Narromine unique to its residents;
Ensure the right mix of infrastructure to retain existing and attract new residents;
Actively market and promote Narromine Shire to potential investors and strategic partners; and
Be regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure it remains synchronized with actual economic activity and related infrastructure investments.

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