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Values, Principles & Approach

The Shire of Murray economy will have centre-stage in the wider Peel Region economy, and position itself as a centre for development and activity. Local competitive advantages will attract business, drive high levels of employment growth, export oriented income, knowledge and innovation, economic diversification and a strong local brand valued by visitors and residents alike.

Values, Principles & Approach

Values and Principles
• Raising awareness of the importance of local and regional economic development
• Collaboration and coordination resulting in optimised economic outcomes
• Efficient use of local economic resources and infrastructure
• Inclusiveness and transparency
• Strengthening the Shire’s business community

Strategy Aim

The Shire of Murray will collaborate with business, government, the local community and it’s regional partners to improve business retention and attractiveness, economic growth and local export opportunities.

Strategy Objectives

The Shire will achieve strong investment flows, employment, growth in export oriented income, knowledge generation, economic diversification and a strong local brand, through:
• Understanding local and regional business as well as the community’s felt needs and aspirations
• Acting as a central economic development coordinator to strengthen networking and collaboration between these key stakeholders
• Establishing a central landing point for economic projects within the Shire of Murray, which will assist key stakeholders with understanding their project requirements in the local planning context
• Concentrating on the Shire of Murray’s key competitive advantages within each program area to development a range of projects and initiatives which collectively achieve the Shire’s vision and core objectives
• Coordinating with the City of Mandurah on a ‘jobs and investment’ program for the Mandurah-Murray subregion
• Coordinating a project evaluation framework which will systematically evaluate and prioritise potential projects both in the Mandurah-Murray sub-region and the Shire of Murray
• Supporting the creation of high quality employment and export income opportunities
• Promoting the Shire of Murray as a destination for business, investment and commercial activity

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