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Values, Principles & Approach

Our vision is for the Rural City of Murray Bridge to be the focus of South Australia's regional economic growth over the next 20 years, to deliver opportunity, resilience and a wonderful lifestyle that attracts and retains skilled and innovative people and businesses

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

Our vision will be delivered through focusing on three themes:
1. A robust and diverse regional economy
2. A desirable place to live, work, invest and visit
3. A progressive, productive community

Strategy Objectives

Stage 1 - 2015-2020: Game Changers

1.1 Identity
1.2 Appealing and affordable housing for growth
1.3 Career, education and entrepreneurship pathways
1.4 Tourism is contributing to a diverse economy and creating opportunity
1.5 Regional Collaboration

Stage 2 - 2020-2025: Developing opportunity

2.1 Murray Bridge is a recognised centre for educational opportunity
2.2 Fully operational investment zones
2.3 Balanced business investment
2.4 Online: fast, connected, informed

Stage 3 - 2025-2030: Realising a vibrant future

3.1 Integrated ideas, knowledge, opportunities
3.2 Adelaide's playground

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