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Values, Principles & Approach

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Values, Principles & Approach

The Council has adopted a number of principles to guide the preparation of the Strategy.
The guiding principles are that:
■ the Council will attach utmost importance to providing local leadership
■ the strategy will be concise and action-focused
■ economic diversification will be a key theme of the strategy
■ the Council will position itself as a partner with other levels of government
■ the Council will collaborate extensively with the private sector
Strategic pathways:
■ Leading — Providing the highest quality and united leadership to deliver a number of key initiatives and programs as well as the overall leadership to deliver this Strategy over the next three years.
■ Partnering — Partnering diligently and collaboratively with existing and new partners and other levels of government to deliver the initiatives that will drive the economy.
■ Diversifying — Increasing the diversification of the economy, in both the mining and non-mining sectors, as a way of building greater social and economic resilience.
■ Expanding — Pursuing new investment in Mount Isa Mines, the development of major new resource and gas projects, as well as expanding the services sector, not least because such a huge expanse of Australia’s north depends on it.
■ Future Positioning — Pursuing prospective industries and projects that may be over the horizon and not yet tangible, or which have a very long gestation period, but which nevertheless will help secure a prosperous future for Mount Isa in the long term.

Strategy Aim

To push forward with a bold plan to create a more diverse, sustainable, vibrant economy.

Strategy Objectives

The Council has adopted a series of seven objectives to underpin the scope and implementation of the Strategy. The objectives are to:
■ attract and facilitate new investment
■ expand employment
■ increase economic and social resilience
■ grow and diversify the economy
■ create enhanced opportunity
■ demonstrate Council’s commitment to economic development
■ provide direction to policymakers at the state and federal levels.

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