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Values, Principles & Approach

Council envisages a district where clean and sustainable businesses thrive in an attractive and vibrant hills setting. Over the next five years Mount Barker will become the preferred South Australian destination for large and small businesses that are seeking to establish and/or expand in a supportive environment that offers access to a stable and skilled workforce, excellent physical and social infrastructure and appropriately zoned commercial and industrial land.

Values, Principles & Approach

• Encouraging and facilitating a vibrant and sustainable local economy;
• Maintaining a low unemployment rate;
• Increasing the number of local jobs thereby reducing the need for residents to commute outside of the District for work;
• Increasing employment opportunities for young people.

Strategy Aim

The District Council of Mount Barker will achieve the above vision by adding value and working in collaboration with its community, contiguous Councils and the State Government to create a positive environment for business creation, growth of the regional economy and jobs for its residents.

Strategy Objectives

Objective 1 - Branding and Promotion - Development and promotion of a contemporary community brand and associated imagery for Mount Barker
Objective 2 – Investment Attraction - Attraction of a minimum of $2.8 billion of new infrastructure and business investment by 2036 to support the increased population (i.e. medium scenario)
Objective 3 - Demand Growth – Generation of demand growth by attracting 20,0001 additional visitors to Mount Barker by 2019
Objective 4 - Export Growth - Increasing exports out of the Mount Barker region from $648 million (current) to $1.9 billion by 2019 (medium scenario by 2036) and to $4 billion by 2036 (high scenario by 2036)

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