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Values, Principles & Approach

By 2021 Moorabool will be renowned for being a special place to live and work and an attractive destination to visit.
Our economy will build on the quality of its agricultural production and increasingly add value to its produce locally.
Our aspirations are to increase our residential population substantially, growing from 26,000 now to 46,000 by 2021. In conjunction with this population growth, we will improve dramatically our retail and commercial offer, becoming more and more self-contained. As part of this, the aim is to provide a comprehensive range of recreation, leisure and entertainment activities for youth, families and aged persons . In particular, we aim to be recognised regionally as a centre for high quality aged care and senior accommodation. To this end we will make sure we develop the facilities and services in education, health and community well-being that ensure that we are second to no other municipality in Australia.
We will also improve our business and manufacturing environment by supporting the growth of both local service and export oriented business es , with the specific aim of providing more employment opportunities for our residents . To help achieve this , we will provide high quality and timely infrastructure where it is within our capacity to do s o and lobby for the same in areas which are outside our charter.
Our growth and development will be achieved within a sustainability framework – our environment will not be degraded by growth and where necessary, we will restore and enhance our existing environment. We recognise that we operate in a highly competitive world for new business development – we will make sure we are ready to respond positively and to support opportunities that arise, which fit within our goals.

Values, Principles & Approach

The gist of the strategy is :
1 . To further develop the agricultural sector, particularly intensive agriculture by increasing production and adding value to local produce.
2 . To create the conditions for and pursue rapid population growth.
3 . To establish the conditions necessary for business and industrial development.
4 . To set up the procedures required for rapid response to development opportunities .
5 . To clearly define Council’s role in facilitating development, built around utilisation of the skills and abilities of the local business community.

Strategy Aim

To identify and seek innovative ways to encourage new investment opportunities and employment growth within targeted sectors of the Moorabool Shire economy.

Strategy Objectives

To articulate an economic vision for economic development in the Shire on behalf of the Moorabool Shire community which broadly correlates with community expectations and which can be partly inculcated into the Moorabool Council Plan and Municipal Strategic Statement.
To establish the ‘game plan’ for which Council to can act as a catalyst or facilitator in attracting desirable investment to the Shire and generate employment growth.
To reduce the current level of retail expenditure loss from Moorabool commercial activity centres to other competing centres .
To build upon previous strategic work undertaken by the Shire and produce an integrated action plan for encouraging new investment and employment in the Shire.

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