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Values, Principles & Approach

A modern and diverse business environment that fosters productivity, innovation and connection across industry, business, and research institutions.

Values, Principles & Approach

The strategy proposes to focus on four key strategic directions:
• Support for Business: start, grow and prosper
• Places for Business: connected, accessible and diverse employment precincts
• Diversity in Business: facilitating economic growth and prosperity through diversity, collaboration and innovation
• Attracting Business: investment, industry leaders, innovators and emerging talent.
Two guiding principles governing our approach in delivering against the key strategic areas:
1. Evidence based decision making
2. Partnerships, alliances and collaboration

Strategy Aim

Victorian Government Priority industries and sectors that will drive Victoria’s economic growth and jobs
• Creating an attractive environment for innovative start-ups and small business
• Attracting investment in infrastructure, especially transport and digital infrastructure
• Promoting the Monash National Employment and Innovation Cluster (Monash NEIC) as the preeminent business and employment destination in Victoria
• Prioritising development and investment in the Technology, Health, Education and Research Precincts of the Monash NEIC
• Facilitating relationships and connections between businesses, government agencies, education and research institutions, and peak bodies to create collaborative partnerships
• Supporting vibrant and attractive Activity Centres where people shop, work, meet, and relax
• Encouraging economic, environmental, and socially sustainable businesses practices
• Connect business with business and information, support, learning and training opportunities.

Strategy Objectives

Objective 1.1: Provide accurate and up-to-date information and services to businesses and investors to encourage innovative start-ups, businesses growth and investment, and to assist business and investors to plan and make informed decisions
Objective 1.2: Provide a supportive and connected environment where contemporary high quality training and development programs enhance the skills, knowledge and capabilities of Monash businesses.
Objective 1.3: Create and foster inclusive networking opportunities and networks and a culture of collaboration where business can come together and share, explore, experiment and execute ideas that start and grow business.
Objective 2.1: Support the development of the Monash National Employment and Innovation Cluster to be globally recognised as a premier business location with highly skilled jobs, and internationally recognised education, research, ideation and entrepreneurship in a high quality, accessible urban environment.
Objective 2.2: Plan for attractive and vibrant employment precincts and work in collaboration with other parts of Council to promote employment precincts and activity centres as places to work, recreate and learn.
Objective 2.3: Support the ongoing development of contemporary, vibrant and economically viable retail and commercial Activity Centres.
Objective 3.1: Retain and expand on the existing diverse business mix by boosting and recognising collaboration across sectors that encourage innovation, further investment and new jobs.
Objective 3.2: Promote and advocate for infrastructure to position Monash as a smart and connected city driving economic, social and environmental outcomes including world class digital technology and quality transport to link activity centres and employment precincts.
Objective 4.1: Continue to encourage business investment, and the attraction of industry leaders and innovators to Monash by creating a vibrant, thriving, and smart city of the future.

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