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Values, Principles & Approach

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Values, Principles & Approach

Approaches to economic development fall into two broad categories: business development or business recruitment. The first approach involves working with existing businesses to encourage diversification, innovation and productivity improvements to achieve growth; the second approach involves attracting external businesses to relocate or establish in the region. Whilst both approaches may deliver jobs growth and development opportunities, evidence suggests that at least 80 percent of economic growth in regional areas is achieved using the first approach, which is working with existing businesses to achieve organic and sustainable development outcomes.
The following key principles will influence economic development in the region in the future:
1. Employment – the number of jobs and the level of participation in employment
2. Education – the quality and availability of education and supporting infrastructure and services
3. Workforce Skills – access to a skilled and flexible workforce with the competencies and capabilities to satisfy industry and business needs
4. Business Development – the attraction and retention of a diverse range of businesses who actively participate in business development initiatives and embrace creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
5. Investment – a business and economic environment which attracts investment and targets new investment opportunities
6. Infrastructure – infrastructure that accommodates economic growth and meets the commercial, industrial and retail needs of the region
7. Tourism – diverse tourism offerings to attract visitors
8. Marketing – promoting the region as a great place to live, work and conduct business

Strategy Aim

To encourage a strong and diversified economy that delivers lifestyle benefits to the community through supporting business and investment activities that in turn generate opportunities for employment, income and sustainable economic growth.

Strategy Objectives

1. Provide leadership on economic development initiatives and identify necessary resources to drive the future growth in the region
2. Provide opportunities for local community engagement to help determine economic development projects and priorities
3. Lobby state and federal representatives to help realise economic development opportunities
4. Consider establishing an economic development advisory group made up of key leaders, business owners and government stakeholders that provide regular feedback to Council on economic development issues and initiatives

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