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Values, Principles & Approach

The MidCoast Region will have sustainable economic growth, founded on the Region’s natural assets, amenity and location, while offering a healthy lifestyle and community connection.

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

Strengthening the Region as a location of choice;
Creating a supportive environment for businesses to invest and grow; and
Marketing the MidCoast Region.

Strategy Objectives

• improve the core foundation infrastructure, in particular the roads and bridges but also other infrastructure relating to telecommunications and water;
• enhance and expand business infrastructure that will be drivers for growth, in particular the Northern Gateway project and other employment lands for commercial and light industrial uses;
• directly invest in key tourism assets to increase visitation, particularly in the off-season; and,
• encourage other lifestyle and tourist developments that will increase the Region’s attractiveness to sea/tree change professionals and other skilled workers.
• identify and reduce/remove barriers that hinder business growth (including ensuring policies, procedures and charges are appropriate to support economic development consistent with the vision);
• resolving potential land-use conflicts through completion of a land-use strategy;
• support development of the Region’s workforce
• encourage partnerships to enable businesses to leverage each other and other groups;
• actively support new and existing businesses with advice and other services; and,
• provide targeted support (detailed in the action plan) to key sectors including investments that will stimulate growth.
There are no significant hard infrastructure priorities for this Strategic theme (in addition to those in Strategy A). However, initiatives under this Strategy may lead to identification of additional infrastructure priorities.

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