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Values, Principles & Approach

Meekatharra is a key strategic regional transport hub that benefits from its strong regional connections and leverages its local assets to promote economic growth, diversity and resilience. Taking advantage of its rich heritage and unique regional lifestyle, Meekatharra is an ideal location to stop, live, work and invest

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

 Theme 1 – Physical: Enhance Public Realm.
 Theme 2 – Social: Promote a Strong, Sustainable and Resilient Community.
 Theme 3 – Business: Promote a Diverse and Competitive Business Environment.
 Theme 4 – Tourism: Promote a Regional Tourism Network.
 Theme 5 – Governance/Organisation: Ensure strong Economic Development Governance and Leadership

Strategy Objectives

 Prepare a business case for the development of a central retail/tourist/cultural facility in town, either as part of the Lloyds building or a new building on the corner of Main Street and Savage Street, opposite the Shire Offices.
 Facilitate community involvement in the design of the building (i.e.. incorporation of Indigenous art, school).
 Pursue funding under the Northern Regions Planning Fund (or other relevant fund) to prepare a Local Planning Strategy and undertake a Local Planning Scheme review to establish a land use planning framework for the town.
 Support the finalisation and implementation of the Town Revitalisation Strategy, with a focus on delivering improvements to Main Street and key entries to town on Great Northern Highway/Main Street.
 As part of the Town Revitalisation Strategy, explore the potential for improved signage and maps through the town to improve legibility.

 In partnership with the Meekatharra Chamber of Commerce (to be formed), prepare and advertise an annual calendar of events within town.
 Consult with the Federal Department of Social Services in relation to forming a Regional Partnership Agreement in Meekatharra.
 Continue to generate a ‘welcome pack’ for new residents.
 Explore opportunities to promote the commercial development of Indigenous cultural tourism businesses in the Murchison sub-region, including Meekatharra, in line with industry best-practice (through the Indigenous Tourism Champions Program, Tourism Australia).
 Lobby for investment in technology and infrastructure that supports the ability of local business to succeed, improves community access to information and resources, including a feasibility study to provide a free wi-fi internet service within key areas of the town.

 Through a land use planning process, identify suitable land for retail and industrial expansion in town.
 Deliver comprehensive local business information, advisory and referral services through the establishment and operation of a Meekatharra Chamber of Commerce - a one-stop-shop for business information and support
services and referrals to other agencies and organisations.
 Engage with and seek to influence corporate policies within mining companies, with promotion of how local small businesses can better service the mine’s needs.
 Support and build the capacity of local businesses in the Shire, and promote home-based and alternative business ideas.
 Through the RPA, investigate opportunities to facilitate mining supply chain contracts with local mining companies
 Keep well-informed of sub-regional investigations regarding the viability of the pastoral industry.

 Complete works on the Meeka Rangelands Discovery Trail.
 Actively participate in a Regional Tourism Network with other local governments in the Murchison sub-region, to promote outback tourism in the region.
 Identify and market a slogan – ‘Meeka – a good place to stop’
 Engagement in tourism conferences and actively promote Meekatharra with tourism operators.
 Consider inclusion of tourist facilities within Lloyds Building (i.e.. prospecting).
 Investigate opportunities for unique tourism services to be offered in Meekatharra – i.e.. mineral prospecting, geocaching

 Provide advocacy, resources and leadership to achieve Council’s vision for economic development.
 Support the establishment of a Local Chamber of Commerce and Industry or Business Association in town.
 Facilitate ongoing discussions with neighbouring local governments in the sub-region (in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry) regarding the cross-promotion of local business and services.
 Implement the key priority actions of this Strategy and regularly update the community on its progress.

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