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Values, Principles & Approach

Our economic base is prosperous and diverse
Mansfield offers a competitive operating environment for business
Mansfield attracts niche businesses that build on our strengths and complement our community values
Mansfield is a vital setting for arts, culture and heritage

Values, Principles & Approach

Given the significance of the economy to the liveability of the municipality, a comprehensive consultation process enabled input from industry sectors and interested parties from within and beyond the local community. One on one interviews, an ‘open house’, online survey, written submission, and workshops were all made available.
The EDS Review contains a broad range of cross sector and sector specific strategies and supporting actions, drawn from community and business consultation with input from Councillors, Council Officers and the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC).
An updated Mansfield Shire Council Economic Profile, utilising the latest ABS data, helped inform the Review of Council’s Economic Development Strategy.
The Tourism & Economic Development Department’s annual Work Plan is determined by the priorities set in the Council Plan and Annual Business Plan, with consideration of the EDS Review and is resourced via allocation from the Annual Budget, historically around 4% of total budget. As opportunity arises consistent with strategic priorities, the work plan is appropriately amended.
Council’s Economic Development Advisory Committee plays an important role in the annual review of the EDS Review to flag priorities for Council’s consideration in determination of Council’s Annual Business Plan and Budget development process

Strategy Aim

A vibrant investment environment
Active business networks through leadership and participation
Growth in labour force responsive to business needs
Awareness of Mansfield's competitive advantages for lifestyle and business
Improvements in civil infrastructure to support community and business aspiration
Capitalise on government policies, programs and funding to deliver local improvements that best meet our need

Strategy Objectives

Facilitate a Review to improve Council’s approach to assisting businesses establish in Mansfield Shire, with particular regard to the planning approvals process
Identify opportunities to focus economic development in outlying communities
Advocate for and support private business to establish and access ‘wilderness’ accommodation to complement product development
Progress a determination on Council owned industrial land (at Lakins Road Mansfield) in relation to the supply of Industrial Zoned land
Determine opportunities and impediments for expanding business activity in all industry sectors
Determine demand and supply options around high density accommodation
Recommend that the Mansfield Mt Buller Regional Tourism Association Business Plan be reviewed and provide input to process
Advocate for and support ‘green’ nature based tourism
Support Mansfield Secondary College in provision of programs for youth excellence, development and careers
Review Mansfield Shire Planning Scheme
Determine the feasibility and requirement for a Heavy Vehicle Mansfield Township By-Pass
Complete the Mansfield Township Structure Plan
Complete the Domestic Wastewater Management Plan

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