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Values, Principles & Approach

Manningham will support diverse and well located businesses that excel through sustainable practice, technological advancement and support of healthy and accessible communities resulting in the long term generation of an attractive place to invest, personally and professionally.

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

To generate resilient, sustainable and vibrant community groups. This is achieved through planning and programs that leverage local competitive advantages and address key challenges facing the city’s capacity to retain, develop and attract local economic opportunities. By bringing together strategic objectives across council, the Economic Development Strategy focuses on actions that create long term community health by positioning Manningham as a great place to learn, live, play and work.

Strategy Objectives

Attracting and Retaining Businesses
1. Support skills development to meet the futures needs of the local work force.
2. Support the retention and increased supply of physical space for commercial, agricultural and industrial business.
3. Undertake targeted project work to support business attraction and retention.

Developing Leading Local Businesses
4. Utilise leading communication techniques to inform and assist business in Manningham
5. Deliver Manningham’s business development program

Enhancing Manningham Tourism
6. Attract and retain events.
7. Support cultural, food/wine and environmental visitor attractions and activities.
8. Promote Manningham as a visitor destination.
9. Collaborate with Melbourne East partners to support tourism and visitor initiatives

Activating and Improving Activity Centres
10. Support place based initiatives that enhance activity centres as vibrant hubs. Part E Objectives Integrating Economic Development
11. Focus on regional collaborations and partnerships.
12. Embed economic outcomes into key Council documents.

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