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Values, Principles & Approach

Logan City Council seeks to position the City of Logan as an emerging economic powerhouse in South-East Queensland, leveraging its excellent location, connectivity and favourable business conditions.

Values, Principles & Approach

The Local City Council 'Policy Position' on economic development:
'Logan City Council strives to support a strong and resilient business community that makes an important contribution to the local economy. Council is committed to promoting a regionally and globally connected city with strong international economic and cultural relationships. Achieving this vision will drive increased levels of economic have the potential to positively impact the City of Logan activity, jobs growth and investment in opportunities that economy, and foster enhanced cultural relationships.
Core strategies that provide the foundation for the Economic Development Strategy 2016–2021 are the:
• Local Connections Strategy 2016–2021
• Global Connections Strategy 2016–2021
• Industry Development and Investment Attraction Strategy 2016-2021
• Tourism Investment Attraction Strategy 2016–2018.

Strategy Aim

The Economic Development Strategy 2016–2021 sets out actions to promote and create opportunities for businesses, encourage investment, increase employment and generate prosperity for the City of Logan. It provides the overarching direction for achieving economic growth and aligns to four core underlying strategies which aim to:
• Engage and connect with the local business community;
• Attract new investment into the City of Logan
• Encourage industry development of target sectors
• Develop investment policies and programs for the tourism sector and positioning Logan in the marketplace for new tourism investment; and
• Identify and facilitate international connections that will generate economic outcomes for local businesses and the city as a whole.

Strategy Objectives

The key strategic directions listed below formalise existing practises already being undertaken and identify new directions to help realise Council’s vision:
• Establish a framework for investment attraction that aligns with the broader economic goals of Logan City Council;
• Engagement with internal and external stakeholders, investment enablers and the establishment of key partnerships;
• Market the City of Logan to target industries and overseas markets via various channels including direct and online marketing, trade events and international trade missions;
• Formal adoption of a Council advocacy plan for key economic infrastructure;
• Develop new investment models such as public, private partnerships to invest in larger scale economic infrastructure;
• Development of collateral that promotes the opportunities, incentives and advantages of the City of Logan as an investment location;
• Continue to develop relationships and undertake activities for lead generation;
• identify Council owned and privately owned assets as opportunities for investment.

For each of the core strategies, comprehensive action plans have been developed with detailed activities, minimum targets and timing of activities to facilitate the implementation of the strategy. Listed below are the high level actions and activities associated with the desired outcomes.

Strategy Themes or Priorities

Desired Outcomes - Local Connections
• A thriving business community proudly employing local residents.
• More competitive and better informed local businesses embracing new opportunities for growth.
• A diverse and robust local economy that can respond to external influences, state-wide, nationally and globally.
• Employment opportunities for local residents across a broad range of skills and qualifications from entry level to senior management across all industry sectors.

Desired Outcomes - Global Connections:
• Enhanced international partnerships and relationships.
• Increased exports from local companies.
• Attraction of foreign direct investment to assist in bringing catalyst development projects and business expansion opportunities to fruition.
• Employment growth.
• Increased economic activity.

Desired Outcomes - Industry Development and Investment Attraction:
• Improved city image and positioning the City of Logan as a highly desirable city for investment.
• A diverse and robust local economy that can respond to external influences, state-wide, nationally and globally.
• Employment opportunities for local residents across a broad range of skills and qualifications, from entry level to senior management across all industry sectors.
• Well-developed relationships with external partners and stakeholders that facilitate investment attraction.
• Attraction of higher value industries that provide opportunities for increased wages and reduce export of inter-region labour.
• Established framework for investment attraction that aligns with Logan City Council’s broader economic development goals.

Desired Outcomes - Tourism Investment Attraction:
• Strong engagement with key stakeholders and investors.
• A comprehensive suite of information and marketing collateral for the domestic and international investor market.
• Increased accommodation capacity with a medium to large sized facility (100 rooms).
• An understanding of public and privately owned assets that could be developed for tourism investment opportunities.

Role of Local Government in Economic Development

The role of Logan City Council is to encourage and facilitate business and industry investment by providing an environment that supports its development.

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