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Values, Principles & Approach

By 2019, Loddon’s population will be steady and new jobs will exist in agribusiness, tourism and local services. We will be an important part of Greater Bendigo’s economy with strong, daily links to our towns, with commuters moving in both directions. Our lifestyle will have attracted new residents and a thriving tourism sector focusing on food and heritage experiences. Our towns will have started seeing the benefits of streetscape improvements that have encouraged new investment. We will recognise our three distinct regions and no one will be more than 45 minutes from the services and facilities they seek. Amongst tourists, we will be known as one of regional Victoria’s NBN and Wi-Fi hotspots and, more generally, for excellence in food production.

Values, Principles & Approach

1. Leading not lagging. The Council has an important leadership role in the implementation of the Economic Development Strategy.
2. Adaptable. The economy is constantly evolving and, as far as is possible, the Economic Development Strategy must be adaptable.
3. Future-focused. There are new opportunities emerging all of the time, and new ways of doing business. The Shire and its partners need a mechanism to be able to speculate about what might or might not be possible.
4. Diverse. Economic diversity reduces vulnerability.
5. Regional. Cooperation across municipal boundaries reduces the resource burden and increases the capacity to effect change.

Strategy Aim

To guide the Shire’s efforts, in collaboration with stakeholders, to support the growth and diversification of the Shire’s economy.

Strategy Objectives

Strategic Objective 1: Identify and initiate the catalysts for growth and diversification.
Strategic Objective 2: Build the conditions for growth of the economy through effective marketing and information flows between Council, business, government and the community.
Strategic Objective 3: Ensure there is good, well-located infrastructure to attract investment.
Strategic Objective 4: Attract and retain both workers and residents

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