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Values, Principles & Approach

The Liverpool Plains Shire area achieves higher levels of growth and generates improved quality of life through expanded opportunities for economic and social development being realised within an environmentally and financially sustainable framework.

Values, Principles & Approach

The main priorities identified by our stakeholders were:
To diversify the local economy. The Shire is too dependent on agriculture, with the performance of the agricultural sector impacting directly on the performance of most other businesses in the Shire. Alternative markets and sources of income are needed to reduce exposure and risk, and increase profitability. Leveraging more effectively off Tamworth, attracting agri-business, growing the tourism and events sectors, and targeting retirees and ‘tree changers’ were identified as options for the Shire.
To bring business back into the Quirindi and Werris Creek town centres. This is dependent on a range of factors including the attractiveness of the shopping precinct; retaining services such as banks; premises being available, suitable, and affordable; and businesses being responsive to changing consumer needs and expectations and delivering quality customer service. Up-skilling local businesses, including developing on-line / digital skills, was also seen as a priority.
To strengthen the village communities, including growing visitation and retaining local businesses (eg hotel, general store) and support services.
To attract new residents – availability of rural lifestyle blocks was identified as the key to this.
To improve telecommunications including increasing the reliability, speed and affordability of the internet and increasing mobile phone coverage. This is essential to the application of technology to improve farming and business productivity, accessing national and global markets, and increasing access to online service and training opportunities.
For Council to have a strong vision for the Shire and a positive, ‘can do’ attitude focused on removing barriers and problem-solving.

Strategy Aim

Ensure the foundations are in place to take our economy forward and realise emerging opportunities.
Guide Council’s actions, policies, regulations and resource and funding allocations to ‘deliver’ a positive investment environment.
Inform Government agencies and service providers of the potential and needs of Liverpool Plains Shire, including its infrastructure needs.
Encourage development and investment, including expansion, diversification and retention of existing businesses, attraction of new businesses, residents and investment into the Shire and creation of employment and wealth.

Strategy Objectives

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