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Values, Principles & Approach

1. Lismore City lives up to its Regional City status.
2. Lismore City has a robust economy - embracing opportunities and leveraging key strengths.
3. Lismore City supports emerging green industry and fosters its sustainability credentials.
4. Lismore City stimulates economic and employment opportunities through enabling infrastructure.
5. Lismore City attracts investment in infrastructure and job creation through collaborative partnerships.
6. Lismore City supports the important role of all businesses in the local economy and fosters opportunities for survival and sustainability.
7. Lismore City welcomes local investment opportunities and supports locally owned businesses to establish and expand.
8. Lismore City encourages innovation and entrepreneurial activity and actively supports pathways to success.
9. Lismore City residents are proud of their City and the City has a great reputation with new residents, students, employees and businesses.
10. Lismore City leverages its strength and connection between its people and its sporting accomplishments and infrastructure.
11. Lismore City showcases its capability in the arts and creative industries and attracts support for development and local investment.
12. Lismore City actively welcomes people and creates a sense of place upon arrival.
13. Lismore City has a dynamic CBD precinct encompassing leading business, leisure and cultural experiences.
14. Lismore City is considered to be an attractive regional city to live, work, visit and invest.
15. Lismore City addresses skilled labour shortages through industry education/training and community partnerships.
16. Lismore City is a hub for health, education, creative industries, tourism, sports and services.
17. Lismore City Youth and Indigenous are confident in their skills and employment options and opportunities.
18. Lismore City harnesses community resources and opportunities to stimulate sustainable economic activity for community and environmental benefit.

Values, Principles & Approach

Our strategy is based on collaboration and partnerships - working together for a sustainable economic future for Lismore.

Strategy Aim

Our goal is to retain our business and industry position of strength and expand our employment generating opportunities by attracting local investment in a sustainable manner.

Strategy Objectives

•Major investment and leading health services technology.
•Strong links with education and training sector and future links with sporting/ environmental services.
•Linked to workforce development programs.
•A University City with a strong sector capacity – early learning through to adult education.
•Multi-level employer of skilled workforce.
•Strong link with sport, health, environment, business and creative industries.
•Large service catchment with strong key services: government agencies, community, professional, medical, trade, transport and engineering enterprises.
•Diverse tourism and retail offering.
•Significant number of locally owned business holdings.
•Important links to education and tourism sectors.
•Strong capacity for self employment and social enterprise.
•Good infrastructure with opportunity for future development.
•Diverse food production sector.
•High level of significant value-added product strength and future opportunity.
•Leading integration of on farm sustainability.
•Good number of specialised industry based enterprises.
•High number of competition sporting facilities.
•Dedicated local amateur and elite athletes.
•Community and professional clubs and associations.
•Birthplace of environmental activism and sustainability.
•Leading energy products and services providers.
•High level of business training and innovation capability.

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