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Values, Principles & Approach

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Values, Principles & Approach

Theme 1: Business Growth & Attraction
Theme 2: Knowledge & Workforce Economy
Theme 3: Liveability
Theme 4: Enabling Infrastructure
Theme 5: Environmentally Sustainable Economy
Theme 6: Visitor Economy

Strategy Aim

Population growth
Industry attraction
Agri-food production and high-value processing
Irrigated agriculture
Skilled workforce

Strategy Objectives

1.1 A resilient business community offering a diverse range of local employment opportunities.
1.2 An affordable and attractive area to invest and conduct business.
1.3 A pro-development and globally competitive Local Government Area, with strong industrial and commercial growth
with the capability to adapt to future challenges.
1.4 A productive hub for accessing State and Federal economic development assistance.

2.1 A community dedicated to skills attraction, retention, building strong workforces and growing young people through
local jobs and training pathways.
2.2 A community with an integrated approach to promotion of local career pathways.
2.3 A community which facilitates accessible and affordable cloud-based on-line tertiary pathways.
2.4 A business community with access to research partners to drive innovation practices.

3.1 A proactive community in planning and preparing for the future growth needs of residents.
3.2 A shire that plans for the housing and recreational needs of its residents.
3.3 A community with well serviced medical and education options.
3.4 A shire with a strong local food influence, and dining experiences.
3.5 A welcoming and friendly place to live.

4.1 An interconnected community with good access to heavy vehicle routes and rail corridors to allow for greater
productivity and efficiencies for local industries.
4.2 A community with high speed broadband through the NBN Fixed Wireless Broadband and Fibre to the Node.
4.3 Proactive in industrial land development, ensuring that infrastructure is maintained and meeting industry needs.

5.1 A sustainable community backed by a local government with a commitment to environmental stewardship.
5.2 A community encouraging renewable investment in research projects and opportunities.
5.3 An area of innovation in co-generation and tri-generation.
5.4 An area of innovation in waste recovery and water utilisation

6.1 A community offering an authentic agri-tourism experience.
6.2 A community offering renown nature-based tourism experiences.
6.3 A community which encourages locals and visitors to participate in events, unique to our location.
6.4 A community that works collaboratively with neighbouring shires to leverage marketing opportunities.
6.5 A community that is proactive in introducing local networking opportunities and professional
development for local industry stakeholders.
6.6 A shire which supports community groups in seeking funding opportunities for infrastructure and events to
increase visitor stays (NSW Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan).
6.7 A shire that celebrates its heritage, increasing its cultural offering including the renowned heritage listed Roxy
Community Theatre.

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