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Values, Principles & Approach

Growing its capacity and its reputation as a location to visit, work, study, live and invest in, Launceston will be a regional city of choice for ‘smart’ travellers, students, entrepreneurs and innovative ‘knowledge-based’ businesses seeking a family friendly, sophisticated small-city lifestyle, supported by a rich and diverse hinterland.

Values, Principles & Approach

The following guiding principles define the role and scope of Council’s involvement in economic development facilitation. In essence, the City of Launceston:
1. Prioritises initiatives and activities that support the growth and development of the City’s and the region’s key sectors in education, health and wellbeing, agriculture and forestry and tourism, with an emphasis on new opportunities in value-added economic activities which target existing, new and emerging markets.
2. Prioritises activities that support the growth of ‘knowledge-based’ industries in education, health care, food and beverage production, agribusiness and knowledge-based business services.
3. Proactively promotes a partnership approach to tourism development, working in collaboration with other tiers of government and the industry to enhance City-region branding, marketing, product development, visitor servicing and support infrastructure.
4. Proactively promotes Launceston to prospective investors, using a strategic, informed and targeted approach consistent with the long-term vision for the City’s economic development.
5. Focuses its energies and resources on activities where there are likely to be positive and measurable outcomes for the community and long-term strategic economic benefits for the City of Launceston and the region.

Strategy Aim

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Strategy Objectives

1. Establish Launceston as a regional city of choice for ‘knowledge workers’, individual entrepreneurs and innovative businesses seeking a sophisticated small-city lifestyle, and build its status as location of choice in which to work, live and invest.
2. Collaborate with education industry stakeholders and government agencies to develop and promote Launceston as a city of choice in which to study, research, collaborate and innovate.
3. Identify, showcase and promote Launceston’s diversity of tourism assets and experiences as an integral feature of the Tasmanian tourism offer, to facilitate sustained growth in visitation and spending
4. Develop Launceston’s CBD as a premium regional shopping centre serving the needs of the local and regional population, and attracting visitors and tourists to the City.

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