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Values, Principles & Approach

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Values, Principles & Approach

SUPPORT LOCAL VS. ATTRACTION: A ‘rule of thumb’ for allocation of resources for good economic development is 80:20 – 80 percent of resources should be allocated to supporting and assisting local businesses and industry sectors to grow and 20 percent of resources should be allocated to industry/business attraction. It is well documented that most growth in local communities comes
from existing local businesses growing and expanding. In this Strategy, the ratio will be 65:35 – 65 percent local support and 35 percent industry attraction. This ratio reflects the need for new and diversified industry to offset the retraction of the power generation sector and changes to traditional industries.
CHAMPIONING INNOVATION: This principle supports the need for innovation, research and development initiatives that will build on Latrobe City’s competitive advantages and forge new sustainable industries.
WORK WITH THE WILLING: Given limited resources, it is important that the Economic Development Unit work with businesses and industry who are passionate and committed, are willing to embrace change, will take calculated risks and who are searching for new markets and innovative ways to do business. These ‘change agents’ pave the path to success through collaboration and cooperation and they understand that the fundamental unit of competition has changed from the individual firm to the extended enterprise.
SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: This very important principle will ensure that activities to encourage economic development always contributes to, and enhances, Latrobe City’s appealing lifestyle attributes and community assets, including the natural environment and cultural, community and historical assets.

Strategy Aim

To provide the best possible facilities, services, advocacy and leadership for Latrobe City, one of Victoria’s four major regional cities

Strategy Objectives

Theme One: Job Creation & Economic Sustainability:
Actively pursue long term economic prosperity for Latrobe City, one of Victoria’s four major regional cities;
Actively pursue further diversification of business and industry in the municipality;
Actively pursue and support long term job security and creation of new employment in Latrobe City.
Theme Two: Appropriate, Affordable & Sustainable Facilities, Services & Recreation:
To promote and support a healthy, active and connected community;
To provide facilities and services that are accessible and meet the needs of our diverse community;
To enhance the visual attractiveness and liveability of Latrobe City.
Theme Three: Efficient, Effective & Accountable Governance:
To achieve the highest standards of financial probity and meet all statutory obligations;
To provide open, transparent and accountable governance;
Work to minimise rate increases for our community;
Effectively manage Council debt to minimise long term cost.
Theme Four: Advocacy for and Consultation with Our Community:
Strengthen the profile of Latrobe City as one of Victoria’s four major regional cities;
Work in partnership with all levels of governments to ensure Latrobe City is well
supported and resourced and recognised as one
of Victoria’s four major regional cities;
To advocate for and support cooperative relationships between the business, industry and community;
To ensure effective two-way communication and consultation processes with the community in all that we do.
Theme Five: Planning for the Future:
To provide a well-planned, connected and liveable community;
To provide clear and concise policies and directions in all aspects of planning;
Advocate for planning changes at the state level to reflect regional needs and aspirations;
To reduce the time taken to process land use and development planning applications.

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