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Values, Principles & Approach

Macquarie City that is clear and compelling: Lake Macquarie is a City with a Lake at its heart encircled by distinctive towns and villages. We balance our cherished environments with our need for great spaces to live and visit, smart transport options and a thriving economy; which adapt and strive to be fair for all.

Values, Principles & Approach

Focus activity within and around our towns and centres;
▪ develop well-connected high-quality public spaces;
▪ increase housing choice;
▪ increase local jobs and investment;
▪ provide more options to get around;
▪ protect and enhance our Lake, natural landscape and heritage; and
▪ ensure the City is resilient and responsive to change

Strategy Aim

Lake Mac 2050 aims to achieve the City Vision by directing spatial decisions to meet the opportunities and challenges of the future, in a way consistent with the community’s values.

Strategy Objectives

By state, regional and local policy makers and decision makers on matters that affect Lake Macquarie City, such as transport infrastructure;
To guide review or development of other Council policy such as asset management, contributions, community facilities, biodiversity conservation, recreation planning, LEP amendments and development control policy;
To guide specific works or infrastructure;
To guide private and community sector decision-making about proposed developments, services or community facilities;
to inform assessments of the impact of new technologies, environmental, economic and societal change; and
To evaluate resourcing, infrastructure and budgetary decisions by Council.

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