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Values, Principles & Approach

A culture of collaboration, innovation and skills development underpins the region’s quality of life, liveability and vibrancy for residents, visitors and industry.

Values, Principles & Approach

• Passionate community
• Rising energy consumption and costs
• Ageing population
• Environmental sustainability
• Global food shortage
• Technological change
• High housing density and traffic congestion in
metropolitan areas
• Lower cost of living
• Growth in domestic tourism
• Accessibility to regional centres
• Youth retention
• Partnerships and alliances
• Established agricultural land

Strategy Aim

• Value add to existing business base
• Encourage business growth, productivity & innovation
• Sharing existing knowledge
• Skills development and training
• Growth in high activity core areas
• Foster and support core transport initiatives
• Growth in mining sector
• Strengthening foundations in health, education and infrastructure
• Enhancing the tourism experience and extending the visitor stay
• Fostering existing business base
• Improving water infrastructure and management
• Facilitating linkages for transport
• Protecting and expanding agricultural backbone

Strategy Objectives

GOAL: Strengthen the high growth sectors of manufacturing, transport, tourism and agribusiness.
• To sustain and further develop the region’s manufacturing base by encouraging innovation and collaboration and ensuring the region’s infrastructure and transport logistics meets the needs of industry.
• To develop and support the tourism industry and lifestyle through the development of the region’s infrastructure, tourism product and marketing programs to encourage increased visitation to the region.
• To create a sustainable Agricultural industry base through the identification and support of value adding opportunities, promotion and creation of environmentally sensitive practices and the development of a skilled workforce to facilitate industry development and attraction.
• Ensure the effective flow of products, materials and people in and out of the Lachlan Region through the provision and continual improvement of transport infrastructure and distribution networks in the Region.

GOAL: Facilitate and provide regional infrastructure that supports a cohesive, active and progressive community.
• Implementation of key strategic plans such as the Lachlan Region Active Transport Plan
• Ensure water security and promotion of sustainable water management
• Ensure an adequate and reliable electricity supply
• Ensure appropriate communications infrastructure
• Work in partnership with State and Federal Governments to secure funding to improve key infrastructure assets

GOAL: Assist businesses and industry to diversify and maximise opportunities for business development
• Facilitate activities that support and promote businesses to become commercially resilient
• Protect productive farmland and support rural business sustainability
• Value add to existing small business
• Support and enhance the regions supply chain
• Support the growth of the Indigenous business sector
• Increase the awareness of environmentally sustainable practices amongst businesses and promote their successes
• Create a supportive environment for home based businesses and new business start ups
• Support and enhance a diverse, strong retail sector and encourage localised shopping to minimise retail leakage outside of the Shire.

GOAL: Improve the region’s skill base by supporting partnerships between the education sector and industry and developing initiatives to promote a culture of innovation and ongoing learning.
• Build individual capabilities including foundation skills to improve and support job readiness, and educational outcomes
• Strengthen linkages with employment related networks and increase participation in local employment initiatives
• Improve vocational education and training to deliver skilled workers
• Provide opportunities for apprenticeships, scholarships, cadetships and mentoring
• Facilitate school-to-work links with liaison between secondary schools and business leaders, and provide information to students/school leavers on employment opportunities and skills requirements and training opportunities
• Provide linkages and develop relationships between secondary education institutions and industry
• Promote programs and enterprises that assist the employment needs of a diverse community
• Lobby the Government for improved incentives for apprenticeships

GOAL: Provision of a safe and appropriately serviced community that enhances the quality of life and attractiveness of the Region.
• Support safe communities within the region for residents and businesses
• Ensure provision of appropriate health services to meet the needs of the community
• Continued beautification of towns within the Lachlan Region
• Support the ongoing development of youth services, art and cultural, sport recreational organisations and groups to enhance the liveability of the Shire for new and existing residents
• Support planning and development that leverages and stimulates economic development
• Adequate and well serviced aged care facilities to ensure elderly can remain in the region
• Support development that enhances visually attractive town centres and built form
• Promotion and marketing of the region to attract new residents and businesses
• Minimise retraction of the “human” element in service provision

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