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Values, Principles & Approach

• A sustainable community – retaining the region’s current high quality of life, creating employment for the community and attracting services that respond to the needs of the community in the town of Kyogle and villages in Kyogle LGA. Creating a prosperous community which reflects the benefits of the past and creates resilience and optimism in the future.
• A sustainable environment – working to retain the high quality natural and rural environment and biodiversity of the region and ensuring that this high quality natural environment can continue to be enjoyed by visitors and residents – a lasting environmental legacy in Northern New South Wales.
• A sustainable economy – retaining existing key industry sectors such as agriculture, forestry and current business investment and encouraging business growth in new and emerging industries. Creating an economy which builds on existing assets whilst searching for new opportunities.
• A focus on sustainable practices – covering energy usage, built environment, sustainable industry practices and creating a leading example of locally driven sustainable development.
• An active regional partner – working with surrounding regions in New South Wales and Queensland to create partnerships, shared initiatives and investment that generate a wider regional economic benefit.
• Investment in infrastructure – pursuing active Regional, State and Federal Partnerships to maximise access to programmes which will support the development of social and physical assets for improved economic outcomes.

Values, Principles & Approach

1) Sustainable Community and Sustainable Economy: Building sustainability in communities can be supported by increased population growth, improved transport (roads and transport services) as well as providing improved telecommunications and high speed broadband internet access. Individual communities also need specific economic development priorities to ensure that they participate in and benefit from sustainable economic growth in Kyogle LGA. Working with long standing, existing industries is a key driver for long term economic wellbeing. In the agriculture sector, retaining good quality agricultural land, and encouraging investment in food processing, bush tucker production and value adding (agribusinesses and agritourism) can boost incomes and build competitiveness in this sector. While new tree change residents will continue to move into the area and bring economic benefits, managing settlement strategies and retaining high quality agricultural land is important. The forestry industry is a long standing sector of the economy. Working with this industry to achieve areas of excellence and value adding is a priority.
To add to and diversify the existing local economy, encouraging small and home based businesses in the information and knowledge industries is regarded as a major priority. This focus will ensure that the Kyogle LGA participates in this fast growing sector of national and global economies. Creating employment for local people of all ages will drive economic prosperity for the LGA. Attracting new investment in employment generating businesses and attracting business owners based on the quality of life the area offers will broaden the economic and employment base in the LGA. Building local skills, boosting training and using the human capital in the region will improve the area’s economic competitiveness. Skills development linked to employment pathways will ensure that local people and their families benefit from economic growth in Kyogle LGA. To support this economic, population and employment growth, a strategy of attracting new investment in services – public, private and not for profit – will ensure that communities benefit from growth in the area. This includes retailing, retirement village and aged accommodation and care investment and other services to support these communities.
2) Sustainable Environment: Considered and planned growth is the priority that underpins the Policy – creating economic opportunities while retaining the high quality of life in the area and building on the strengths of the local environment (for tourism and environmental initiatives). The Policy supports growth in tourism, guided by a destination management plan and a tourism strategy. There are opportunities to work with the tourism sectors in surrounding areas and build a high quality, eco focused tourism industry in Kyogle LGA. Supporting growth in a vibrant creative industries sector is also a priority. The changing world focus on energy usage may enable the Kyogle LGA to better support sustainable energy usage, sustainability in the built environment and in community activities.
3) Supporting Sustainable Growth and Working Together: To support this sustainable economic growth, Kyogle Council and all stakeholders in economic development need to: Communicate and work together in a spirit of goodwill; and pursue active Regional, State and Federal partnerships to maximise access to programs which will support the development of social and physical assets for improved economic outcomes.

Strategy Aim

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Strategy Objectives

The Economic Development Policy for Kyogle LGA provides direction for economic development activities over the next 4 years and outlines a number of areas for action to build a sustainable economy. The outcomes of the actions supported by this Policy are to improve the capacity of the local economy to deliver long term, sustainable economic wellbeing for Kyogle LGA. The Policy provides a framework for action and investment covering economic growth, community development, strengthening long standing industries in the area and establishing new economic opportunities in tourism, knowledge industries and other sectors. This economic growth will support long term sustainability of communities in Kyogle LGA and retain the high quality environment in the LGA.

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