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Values, Principles & Approach

Vision 2025 describes the community’s hopes and aspirations for how Knox will look, feel and be like in the year 2025. Vision 2025 consists of seven key themes that have been articulated by the community for the community:
• Healthy, Connected Communities
• Culturally Rich and Active Communities
• Dynamic Services and Facilities
• Accessible Transport Choices
• Sustainable Natural Environment
• Balanced Quality Urban Development
• A Prosperous, Modern Economy
This document takes primary guidance from the Prosperous Modern Economy theme, within which eight elements have been identified as aspirations for 2025:
1. A global economy: Knox businesses are in tune with the global market and are exporting their products and services. They have a global reputation for innovation in emerging high technology and knowledge-based industries.
2. Leading edge, environmentally sustainable industry and technology: In partnership with the Swinburne University’s National Centre for Sustainability and Environmental Design, local industry, educational facilities and residents establish Knox as a centre of excellence for sustainability and energy efficiency. Industry that specializes in the design and production of sustainable and energy efficient products and services are nurtured. Residents and businesses are encouraged to adopt best practice in sustainability and energy efficiency.
3. Contemporary business opportunities: Contemporary businesses are attracted to and retained in Knox because the business and investment climate is highly regarded. Knox has established key industry clusters especially in the fields of advanced manufacturing and biotechnology that build on the Scoresby/Rowville Employment Precinct and Knox’s close proximity to the Australian Synchrotron.
4. Support for entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is recognised, valued and encouraged as a driver of social and economic growth.
5. Activity centres with a unique and valued identity and image: Local activity centres continue to develop their uniqueness as community hubs and provide a desirable and enhanced amenity for residents and traders.
6. Business precincts that are recognised nationally: Designed in consultation with industry, business precincts take into account business needs and provide the necessary infrastructure including access, which provides significant cost savings to industry. They continue to attract new investment and provide new employment opportunities for residents.
7. Employment opportunities for all: Younger people and mature age workers are strongly represented across the full range of industries. Employees of local businesses are attracted to living in Knox.
Numerous local education, trade and apprenticeship opportunities provide people with contemporary skills within the local community. The resident labour force is fully utilised and people are fully equipped with the skills that local businesses require. The experience and skills of those aged over 55 is highly valued and they are gainfully employed – often serving as mentors.
8. Retail and industrial business attraction: Retail and industrial businesses are proud of their physical setting. An improved business mix is a result of well planned infrastructure and planning, including high quality support services.

Values, Principles & Approach

1. Promote Knox as a centre of excellence for sustainability, energy and water efficiency by nurturing business that specialise in the research, design and production of sustainable energy, products and services.
2. Support the development of the Scoresby/Rowville Employment Precinct by encouraging high technology research and development.
3. Maximise economic development opportunities arising from Eastlink.
4. Attract strategic private sector investment into activity centres to build on the place management approach.
5. Promote the physical setting of Knox’s commercial and industrial areas.
6. Promote networking and training opportunities to local businesses and community based organisations.
7. Promote local employment opportunities by encouraging the development and growth of small to medium enterprises.
8. Advocate to government to assist the training and employment of local young people to help facilitate their employment into local businesses.
9. Advocate to link public and private transport to industrial and employment precincts.

Strategy Aim

To identify and respond to opportunities and challenges within the local economy in a sustainable manner

Strategy Objectives

To encourage leading edge, sustainable, economic development.
Objective 1 Development of Knox Central Principal Activity Centre
Objective 2 Establishment of High Tech Learning Centres
Objective 3 Development of the Scoresby/Rowville Employment Precinct
Objective 4 Establishment of Strong, Sustainable Energy Efficient Industry Clusters
Objective 5 Strong Secondary, Tertiary and Industry Linkages Providing for the Needs of High Tech Industries (support services, technical backup and marketing).
Objective 6 Fully Developed and highly functional Major, Neighbourhood and Local Activity Centres
Objective 7 A More Balanced Business Mix, including More Business Support Services and Tertiary Industries
Objective 8 A Strong Knox-wide Industry Network Promoting Knox Products and Services Nationally and Internationally
Objective 9 Establishment of a Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Integrating Education, New Start-ups and Business Incubators
Objective 10 Redevelopment of the Bayswater/ Bayswater North Industrial Precinct Objective 11 Availability of World-Competitive Infrastructure in Transport, Telecommunications and Supporting Services

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