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Values, Principles & Approach

A resilient, diverse, sustainable and adaptable economy that retains our unique identity and leverages our assets to ensure Kentish is a desirable place to work, live, invest and play.

Values, Principles & Approach

1. Economic growth is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. Community development is the goal, economic development is a tool to achieve it;
2. Economic development should benefit Kentish residents;
3. To encourage development that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable;
4. To encourage development that creates supplementary economic opportunities in Kentish (such as downstream processing, value-adding and local supply chains);
5. To focus on economic activity that is employment-intensive;
6. A vibrant, diverse and integrated micro-economy is less vulnerable to global economic shifts;
7. An economically sustainable economy is best achieved through leveraging competitive and collaborative advantages, rather than collaborative advantage;
8. Innovative products and processes can create competitive advantage in regions. Innovation can be created through networks, which breed collaboration.

Strategy Aim

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Strategy Objectives

1. Building Kentish
i. Use economic development to foster Kentish community development

2. Sustainable Kentish
i. Grow an economy that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable
ii. Support development that meets present needs and opportunities without reducing the
capacity of future generations to meet theirs
iii. Support development that considers future megatrends

3. Resilient Kentish
i. Improve resilience of Kentish economy
a. Develop a proactive, not reactive, economy
b. close connectivity to research and knowledge networks
c. Focus on industries that are less vulnerable to macro-economic threats
d. Integration into regional economic objectives

ii. Improve diversity of Kentish economy
a. maximise the local supply chain
b. Develop new products for traditional industries
c. Identify and leverage emerging and new opportunities
d. Identify and develop new industries
e. Identify and support value-adding opportunities

iii. Increase integration of Kentish economy
iv. Assist Kentish economy to become more self-sustaining

4. Competitive Kentish
i. Build a Kentish economy based on competitive
ii. Build competitive advantage by fostering a culture of networking, collaboration, innovation and creativity

5. Supportive Kentish
i. Promote Kentish business, industry and employment
ii. Support and lobby for Kentish businesses and industry
iii. Be a can-do council
iv. Be an active and engaged local bureaucracy

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