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Values, Principles & Approach

Council’s vision for Hume is of a strong, diversified and vibrant economic area that is both locally and globally connected. Hume City will be recognized for its innovative, globally competitive industries and businesses, the diversity of its employment and business opportunities, commitment to environmental sustainability and the high levels of employment of its residents. It will be particularly known for its commitment to addressing social and economic disadvantage and facilitating learning pathways to work.
This desired future state for Hume City includes:
• An established culture of enterprise and innovation.
• Employment participation rates equal to the Melbourne metropolitan average.
• A greater balance between local job requirements and the skills of local residents.
• Business embracing environmentally sustainable practices.
• A culture of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
• A highly developed and evolving manufacturing base with an emphasis on advanced manufacturing.
• Vibrant retail, logistics and commercial service sectors
• An increasing number of businesses in key growth sectors of the economy including: Business and property services; Information, communications and multimedia technology; Aero-engineering; Health services; Transport and logistics; Education Building and construction; Entertainment, culture and recreation.
• Increased business investment in education, research and development and the adoption of new technology.
• A high proportion of businesses actively involved in import replacement and export delivery.
• An economy that increasingly reflects the cultural diversity of the municipality.
• Effective delivery and management of supporting transportation, communication and utility infrastructure.• Broadmeadows Activities Area serving as the ‘Capital of the North’.
• Melbourne Airport as a key Airport City with a thriving mix of activity and concentration of knowledge enterprises.

Values, Principles & Approach

1. Facilitate accelerated participation by the broader Hume Community in the Digital Economy.
2. Provide an active Investment Attraction Framework.
3. Prioritize Local Jobs for Local People.

Strategy Aim

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Strategy Objectives

1. Position and promote Hume as a place for business to prosper.
2. Partner to build and maintain a globally competitive economic infrastructure.
3. Support existing industries and enterprises to prosper and develop sustainably.
4. Strengthen council’s capacity to lead economic development in Hume (partnership and stewardship).

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