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Values, Principles & Approach

• a thriving and sustainable economy with a diverse range of businesses generating increased growth and wealth for the residents of the shire;
• a wide range of retail, commercial and industrial services for residents and businesses resulting in more local jobs and a reduction in retail expenditure leaving the shire;
• increasing levels of business investment in targeted areas such as education, health services, tourism, research and innovation;
• an economy that complements and enhances the particular environmental features of the shire;
• a greater and stronger business mix building on the strengths of the property and business services and the new economies of information technology, hospitality and recreation;
• establishment and growth of innovative and environmentally sustainable businesses;
• a distinct retail trade sector focused on the Hornsby Town Centre and the district centres of Pennant Hills, Epping, Thornleigh, Carlingford and Dural;
• a growing home based sector;
• a transport network that effectively and efficiently links the shire with the other key economic activity centres such as Parramatta, Chatswood and the business/technology parks as well as the regional labour force.

Values, Principles & Approach

• Council will develop broad policies (goals) and implement them through targeted actions;
• Council will work in partnership with the community, business and other levels of government to ensure its policies and programs are sustainable and reflect the needs of its broad constituency of interest;
• the focus will be outcome oriented and seeking solutions to the challenges facing Council’s economic development agenda;
• there will be a disciplined program of monitoring, review and evaluation based on an adaptive management model;
• ongoing funding will be provided for the implementation and monitoring of the Strategy; and
• Council will celebrate its economic development successes.

Strategy Aim

(a) retain existing businesses in the shire and to work with them to ensure their long term sustainability;
(b) attract new investment into the shire;
(c) increase local employment opportunities;
(d) promote and market the shire as an investment opportunity of choice in northern Sydney; and
(e) work with other levels of government and the business community to facilitate the start-up of new investment ventures

Strategy Objectives

(i) information and support services to business;
(ii) marketing and promotion of the shire;
(iii) promoting business growth in its subregional and district centres;
(iv) supporting the retention of existing business;
(v) facilitating new, and expansion of existing, business investment;
(vi) making investment ready development opportunities in the shire;
(vii) ongoing infrastructure development;
(viii) ongoing funding for economic development; and
(ix) identifying opportunities for business clusters in the shire.

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