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Values, Principles & Approach

Hobsons Bay will be a vibrant and inclusive business community in which a diverse range of businesses share a commitment to innovation, collaboration and sustainability. Hobsons Bay will be recognized as a place where business outcomes align with community needs and Council and businesses work together to attract investment and facilitate new opportunities.

Values, Principles & Approach

Business Support and Engagement
Investment Attraction and Facilitation
Community Led Economic
Development Sustainability
Learning, Connectivity and Innovation

Strategy Aim

Attract new and diverse investment to the municipality
Work with local, regional, state and national partners to maximize economic outcomes for businesses within Hobsons bay
Support existing and new businesses to build a diverse, competitive and widely regarded business community
Facilitate partnerships between business and the local community
Deliver opportunities for local businesses to become highly skilled, diversify their operations and become more sustainable in their operations

Strategy Objectives

Business Support and Engagement:
Objective 1.1 – Create a culture of knowledge sharing and communication by maintaining regular communication with business, industry and other stakeholders.
Objective 1.2 – Deliver a suite of programs and services that encourage economic opportunities for all local businesses, industry and tourism.
Objective 1.3 – Create an inclusive business community in which opportunities are maximized, achievements are recognized and success is celebrated.
Objective 1.4 – Encourage interaction and collaboration between established and new businesses, industry and other stakeholders.
Objective 1.5 – Provide an annual program of high quality business workshops that encourages business growth and innovation.
Objective 1.6 – Support the ongoing development of tourism across Hobsons Bay.
Objective 1.7 – Play a proactive role in advocating for improved business resources and support across Hobsons Bay and Melbourne’s west.

Investment Attraction and Facilitation:
Objective 2.1 – Promote Hobsons Bay as a place to invest and do business, raising awareness of Council’s commitment to investment attraction and facilitation.
Objective 2.2 – Attract domestic and global business to Hobsons Bay and Melbourne’s west, to increase business diversity, investment and employment opportunities.
Objective 2.3 – Establish Hobsons Bay as an attractive location for business, where processes are streamlined and business owners and Council work collaboratively to achieve outcomes.
Objective 2.4 – Encourage diversity in local activity centres to minimize vacancy rates, increase business sustainability and align the local retail offering with community needs.
Objective 2.5 – Attract and enable investment in integrated transport infrastructure across the municipality.
Objective 2.6 – Support investment in capital works across Hobsons Bay to increase business productivity and connectivity across the municipality

Community Led Economic Development:
Objective 3.1 – Support the further development and promotion of existing commercial, industrial and retail activity centres, to support a network of vibrant commercial areas across the municipality.
Objective 3.2 – Encourage local procurement by Council and business to ensure that benefits of business and economic growth are distributed throughout the community.
Objective 3.3 – Build a strong local job market and increase the number of local residents employed in the municipality.
Objective 3.4 – Support connections between business and community through nurturing social capital, the facilitation of social enterprise and community engagement programs.
Objective 3.5 – Facilitate economic development initiatives that leverage the knowledge and skills of local residents for the benefit of the broader community.
Objective 3.6 – Establish Hobsons Bay as an accessible and diverse business community in which all local residents can access services, resources and employment opportunities.

Objective 4.1 - Play a lead role in reducing the carbon footprint and emissions of businesses in Melbourne’s west and promoting the benefits to the wider community.
Objective 4.2 - Create a local environment that supports and enables green business practices.
Objective 4.3 – Promote Hobsons Bay as a leading destination for sustainable business.
Objective 4.4 – Encourage connection/collaboration between business, industry and the local community, to help build the long term social capacity of Hobsons Bay.

Learning, Connectivity and Innovation:
Objective 5.1 – Create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, in which start up, creative and scientific industries contribute to a thriving and diverse business community and research and development is a key activity for local business.
Objective 5.2 – Build capacity of the Hobsons Bay resident labour force and business workforce through the provision of high quality training, networking and engagement opportunities.
Objective 5.3 – Create a network of training providers and resources, allowing residents and businesses to access high quality training opportunities locally.
Objective 5.4 – Assist businesses in accessing and utilizing IT infrastructure and technology

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