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Values, Principles & Approach

A caring, active community enhanced by its liveability, environment and economy.

Values, Principles & Approach

Competitive advantages will be fostered through an economic environment that supports business development, innovation and market growth.
Existing strategic assets including people, infrastructure, services and the natural environment, will be the primary basis for supporting economic opportunity and growth.
Business and community will be key to supporting and promoting our community as a place to live and work and will be valued partners in the implementation of the EDS.
The health and wellbeing of all community members through planning, advocacy and provision of appropriate services and facilities will also be a priority.
Good governance will be applied to decisions that affect economic development and strategic growth planning to ensure sound, sustainable and equitable outcomes are delivered.

Strategy Aim

To provide a development and investment framework that responds to key economic and social challenges and opportunities for Hindmarsh Shire and the wider region.

Strategy Objectives

1. Enhancing food and beverage capacity
1.1 Enhance export market opportunities for growers and producers and look to retain higher economic returns within the local economy.
1.2 Support the growth and diversification of the food and beverage economy including small and niche businesses to help support new investment and employment opportunities
1.3 Building on current expertise and institutions in the region, position the Wimmera region as research hub for agronomy.

2. Strengthening health and community services
2.1 Continue to support the role and collaboration of community leaders to address local health challenges.
2.2 Identify the land demand and housing needs of the sector and its workforce to ensure that services can continue to meet the requirements of the regional population
2.3 Foster regional specializations to help to drive continuous improvement of rural health care provision for the community and region.
2.4 Support the continued uptake of ehealth and telemedicine services that can reduce the tyranny of distance to services for health professionals and residents.
2.5 Identify workforce and skills gaps and partner on attraction and mitigation programs.

3. Fostering business and community prosperity
3.1 Continue to provide support and guidance to local business and communities and foster local leadership.
3.2 Support the development of small business and the creation of new employment for residents including young people.
3.3 Enhance the role and function of settlements to support sustainable economic, population and social outcomes

4. Supporting the development of tourism and events
4.1 Develop tourism opportunities through increased yield from existing and potential visitors based on the key destination assets of the region.
4.2 Support the development of local destinations based upon the features and attributes of towns and settlements
4.3 Facilitate and advocate for the development of tourism product and new business opportunities to provide a diversity of attractions and activities for visitors
4.4 Support the professional development of existing events and the attraction of new events to enhance the visitor experience and provide for increased visitation and investment attraction to the region.

5. Building sustainable local administration
5.1 Reduce the cost and resource burden to regional councils in operational and service areas that can be provided through a sustainable shared services model.
5.2 Continue to build regional capabilities and skills through partnerships with lead development organisations that advocate for the needs and opportunities of the region.

6. Economic infrastructure and assets
6.1 Create a highly responsive and development ready environment that provides an investment competitive advantage for HSC.
6.2 Continue with strong regional advocacy activities for investment in infrastructure that supports sustainable economic and social outcomes

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