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Values, Principles & Approach

To create a strong culture of entrepreneurship that builds on the Shire’s existing assets and natural beauty. This will be achieved through identifying growth opportunities, supporting local entrepreneurs and attracting new businesses to the Shire

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

A clear strategy that defines the pathway to
tourism and agriculture growth in the Shire
Diversification of the agriculture sector
Making it easier and more
enjoyable to be a successful farmer
Diversity of successful boutique
farms and tourism businesses
Creating memorable visitor experiences
that celebrate local character and identity
A Shire that makes investment and
doing business enjoyable and viable.
Attract new business and talent to the Shire
Create a culture of entrepreneurship
Make the cost of development and doing
business in the Shire regionally competitive
Create town centres that locals love
Increase visitor numbers and visitor spend
Improve quality of life
Activate education tourism products in Hinchinbrook
Increase population

Strategy Objectives

Vibrant town centres are created that locals love
The cost of development and doing business is regionally competitive
Hinchinbrook becomes a ‘go to place’ to establish new businesses
Diversification of rural industries and product
Increased local value adding
A vibrant local farmers market
Successful small scale farming
An iconic Shire Brand
Enhance the appeal of Hinchinbrook as a destination
Develop and promote memorable visitor experiences
Making local knowledge a marketable resource
Local expertise to value-add to new development and business
Promoting the local way of life – The Hinchinbrook Way
Develop and support new and existing partnerships
Increase potential of existing infrastructure
Increase opportunities for local contractors

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