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Values, Principles & Approach

Grow our community though economic and social development that enhances lifestyle and liveability and is innovative, environmentally responsible and sustainable.

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

Ensure the foundations are in place to take our economy forward and realise emerging opportunities.
Guide Council’s actions, policies, regulations and resource and funding allocations to ‘deliver’ a positive investment environment.
Inform Government agencies and service providers of the potential and needs of Gwydir Shire, including its infrastructure needs.
Encourage development and investment, including expansion, diversification and retention of existing businesses, attraction of new businesses, residents and investment into the Shire and creation of employment and wealth.

Strategy Objectives

A Healthy and Cohesive Community:
Objective 1: We have healthy spaces and places
Improve local access to health services
Encourage and enable health lifestyle choices
Provide the right places, spaces and activities

Objective 2: Our community is an inviting and vibrant place to live
Enable accessible and affordable lifestyle options
A shared responsibility for community safety
Celebrate our creativity and cultural expression

Building the Business Base:
Objective 3: Our economy is growing and supported
Plan for and develop the right assets and infrastructure
Support the growth of our business community
Promote our community as the place to visit, live, work and invest

Objective 4: We are skilled and have access to excellent education opportunities
Increase the range of opportunities to work locally
Build on our quality education and training opportunities through the Gwydir Learning Area

An Environmentally Responsible Shire:
Objective 5: Our community understands and embraces environmental change
Encourage respectful planning, balanced growth and good design
Respond to our changing environment
Value, protect and enhance our environment

Objective 6: We use and manage our resources wisely
Develop a clean energy future
Use our water wisely
Reduce, reuse and recover waste
Identify and make best use of our resource land

Proactive Regional and Local Leadership:
Objective 7: We are an engaged and connected community
Encourage an informed community
Enable broad, rich and meaningful engagement to occur
Build on our sense of community

Objective 8: We work together to achieve our goals
Build strong relationships and shared responsibilities
Work in partnership to plan for the future
Provide representative, responsive and accountable community governance

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